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We're on a Roll & The Fly Fishing Show

We're on a Roll

I say that hesitantly, lest it sound like I'm bragging, I'm not! Just very happy and thankful that our trips are going smoothly. We've recently hosted two trips to Argentina, our favorite destination at this time of year. It's summer there, it's warm, flies are hatching and fish are rising. What's not to love? Travel has been good, flights have been pretty much hassle free, Covid tests have been negative, one can almost picture things turning around for the world. That has us very optimistic for upcoming travel.

We have a few openings here and there in upcoming trips for 2022.

Estancia Tres Valles, Argentina, It is the road less traveled. March. 3-9, at the lodge. 1 Room for one or two anglers. This is an amazing destination and one that seldom has last minute availability. Tres Valles offers a wide variety of trout fishing, small streams, freestone rivers, spring creeks and lakes. Check it out and drop everything and come along! You'll be glad you did.

Ireland and Scotland, June 22-July 4. What can be better than trout in Ireland and Atlantic

Salmon in Scotland? Come with us and enjoy both fishing and travel in both countries, stay at unique private small country hotels and guest houses. In Ireland we'll fish with Andrew Ryan and his excellent team of fishing guides. Scotland will find us fishing the legendary Tay and Spey rivers. Non-anglers have their own itinerary with a private sight-seeing guide and private transportation. This is an exceptional trip for anglers and non-anglers. 2 rods available.

East Africa Safari, July 20-August 3. Our photographic safari encompasses Kenya & Tanzania and is our favorite safari combining incredible game viewing with exceptional safari camps in East Africa. This custom-crafted departure includes four of the best appointed camps in East Africa and is limited to just 12 guests. Want a trip of a lifetime? This is it! Bring your cellphone or your big lenses. You're in for an adventure. 4 spots.

Edison, NJ, Fly Fishing Show

This Weekend!! Get out and see the show.

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Brian Larson
Brian Larson
28 ene 2022

Stay safe. I personally am limiting people contact as much as possible.

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