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Whether you're looking for a canvas print of an African elephant to hang in your office or you're a photo editor of a new adventure magazine, we've got decades of shots to inspire you.  

Our Photos

Our photography falls into two general categories; digital images for commercial and editorial use and fine art prints and canvas wraps. We prefer to work personally with our clients on each project to make sure you have the best image, resolution, medium, and presentation. Once we know what you're looking for we can put together a submission geared toward your specific project. Contact us. You'll find us efficient and easy to work with and committed to helping you find the perfect photos for your project.

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Our Digital Galleries

Our background is commercial and editorial photography. We specialize in digital downloads for any size project whether it's a cover photo on your presentation folder for the annual sales meeting or screen printed grizzly bear to cover the entire outside wall on your company's new outdoor clothing store in Tokyo, Japan. Our clients include calendar companies, book publishers, magazine editors, outdoor clothing companies, greeting card companies, website designers and more....including the  little regional publication and the small town business bureau.


The photography you will see in our galleries is a small representation of what we have on hand. Talk to us and let us put together a dropbox of photos geared toward your project. Prices will (and should) vary between the small use and the large use and we'll work with you based on your usage, circulation, and budget.

Fine Art, Prints, Wraps, etc.

While we love working with our digital and editorial clients, we are firm believers that photographs should be printed. We believe that homes and offices should be filled with beautiful artwork to create a space where people feel inspired, peaceful, and loved.  That's why we prefer to work individually with clients to help choose the perfect photos.


Whether you're looking for a special birthday gift or decorating your Air BnB rental, we'd love to help you.  We offer a variety of prints, sizes, materials (framed, unframed, canvas wraps, metal prints), and even gifts such as mugs and posters.  Here in our galleries we have a small representation of what we have on hand but we can gladly customize a selection of images for you to choose from based on your vision and budget.

We are represented online at GeoGalleries.  In our GeoGalleries, we offer photographs ready-to-go in various sizes as prints, framed pieces, and canvas wraps.  We invite you to browse the galleries.  Please note that all of our photos are easily customized- meaning that you can pick the print or wrap size, including mat, frame, and image from any of our galleries or from a submission that we put together just for you.  Contact us for further assistance.


SCOTLAND  2018   2179A.jpg


I want to do a black & white theme in a remodeling project but what I see in your galleries is mostly color.  Do you offer B&W?

Yes, we can offer you suggestions in color, black & white, and sepia.

I have custom made frames and I want to replace the prints. Can you help me with prints that will fit my frames?

Yes, the resolution in our photos is very high and our lab can render prints in any size.

Can I choose the mat and the frame for the print that I want?

When you order from us through our fulfillement center, you choose the frame and the mat width and color.  And there is an impressive number of options and styles available.

Can you actually get us mugs or mousepads for our convention that fit with our motto this year?

If we have the image for on the mug and you have the motto, we can make it work.  Of course we need enough time to process the order and to drop ship, but yes, we can do it.

What is a float frame?

This is when the art work or print is raised off the back board, usually a half inch.  The piece can still be framed but it gives it depth of field inside the frame.  You can also do this with metal prints which have a small frame on the back side which is mounted to the wall so that the print is off the wall by the same distance, 1/2".

Can I buy exclusive rights on one of your photos?

Yes.  That is possible and can be negotiated if you contact us.

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