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Through My Lens Photo Book, Turneffe Flats, and Waterdog Lake

Hello December

As we head into the Christmas shopping season, we'd like to remind everyone to shop small

and shop local. These are trying times for everyone and your purchases are important us small business owners.

And speaking of Christmas, we just received the final copy of Barry's book, Through My Lens. It's a book that we've been thinking of and talking about for quite some time and just finally got around to creating. We've compiled a great collection of some of our favorite images and we think you'll love it. It's a nice coffee table piece and also would make a great gift at $125. You can snag a copy at our online store and we'll have it shipped directly to you so you'll have it in time for Christmas.

Turneffe Flats Review

We had an amazing week of weather in Belize, even though we were there literally only 4 days after Hurricane Ian swept through. Turneffe Flats Lodge is a beautiful grouping of cottages, villas, docks, and lodge buildings on the Turneffe Atoll for both divers and anglers, and we always look forward to visiting. Turneffe has earned a well-deserved reputation for being a prime destination for sight fishing to permit, bonefish and tarpon. With numerous awards for excellence in accommodation and hospitality, Turneffe also offers miles of flats to wade or fish from a skiff, the opportunities are endless. We'll be back at Turneffe from November 11-18, 2023. Here are a few photos.

Waterdog Lake

Ever heard of Waterdog Lake, Colorado? We hadn't, but the angling world is paying attention now.

At 11,130 feet and a 3.9 mile trail with 2,400 feet of gain, it doesn't get a lot of angling pressure. Read about Matt Smiley and his record-breaking brooke trout. It's an incredible story. Mother Nature is amazing in the way she keeps giving us new and exciting discoveries – even when we think we've seen it all, places like Waterdog Lake and Laguna Verde, in Argentina, continue to pop up and surprise us.

Thanks for taking a look. Please leave any comments for us in the Comments section. Have a great week. See you next week

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