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Ireland Opportunity & Riversmith Rack

Updated: May 3

It's been an unusally wet spring here in Fishing Creek. We seem to be inindated with high water but luckily no flooding. Hendrickson & Blue Quill hatches have been some of the best we've seen in years so we're very optimistic about the rest of this month and May and looking forward to some good dry fly fishing.

I had two things I wanted to share with you today. The first being an opening that came about for my upcoming trip to Ireland in June. We have a rod available on our departure for June 15-22. This is a fun trip for anglers and non-anglers, each having their own guide every day. Anglers will fish for trout. Non-anglers will tour the local sites with an exciting to-do list each day. Famous rivers, lovely inns, and country guest homes. Guaranteed fun days for all.

Check out the itinerary here

The second thing I wanted to share with you is something I just found and couldn't keep to myself. Here are my thoughts on the RiverSmith Rack.



Sometimes I must admit to being a slow learner. For more years than I can count I have tried to invent the perfect rod rack for my truck or my Land Rover. I have tried inside hanging racks applied to my side windows with suction cups which when cold weather came would fall off, then it was reinvented canoe racks on my roof. I covered the racks with foam and attached the fully strung up rods with bungee cords. Then it was a ski type rack that closed securely on the rods but often if you weren’t careful, you flattened a snake guide. On dusty days the rods and reels were covered with dirt, I once broke a rod because I didn’t realize a low hanging branch got caught in the rod rack and then I tried the magnetic rod holders which didn’t work on my Land Rover with an aluminum body. They were sort of ok on our Toyota truck until someone stole them at a local restaurant.


Being a fishing guide for more than forty years I hate having to take down rods to move from one location to another hence the need for a sensible way to safely keep the rods together. Then a friend Jared Staskiel showed up stream side with a long black tube attached to the roof of his Land Rover Defender. I had noticed this kind of rod rack on other trucks both here in the east and on rivers in the American West but never gave them much thought. But with Jared's Defender I had the opportunity to get a firsthand look. He went on about how much he liked the rod racks and convinced me to take this a step further.


I went online and found a number of manufacturers of this kind of rack but  Riversmith  stood out and I looked at their pro staff and found some heavy hitters in our industry who gave some great testimonials in favor of the River Quiver rod racks. So, I contacted the company and was pleasantly surprised about their response with enthusiasm and willingness with helpful information. This kind of service is unfortunately disappearing from our society. So, I was immediately sold on RiverSmith and I have to tell you the rack showed up in just a few days, was easy to put together and is more than a solid peace of gear. There are several options, but I chose a two-compartment rack that is easily accessible, locks and has a quick release so I can easily move it to my Land Rovers roof. After using it for the last month I feel foolish for not having one before this. Honestly it answers all of my needs for transporting my clients’ rods safely from one location to another. On a scale of one to ten the River Quiver with its workmanship and easy to use design plus the help from the people at River Quiver it rates a twelve with me.


For more information contact River Smith at or call 1-888-795-1483

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