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Celebrating a Life Well-Lived

When we look outside, the flowers, specifically hyacinths, daffodils, mountain pink, lilacs, and forsythia- are blooming here in Raven Creek. That tells us that as Cathy wished, we would celebrate her life and her legacy. That means a little something different to everyone. For some of us, we may spend a day in our garden as she so often did. For others, we may take our grandkids to the stream to play or catch some fish. Some of us may go find a peaceful spot along our favorite Spring Creek. Others may spend the day giving back to their local community or cleaning up trash along the roadside to make their neighborhood a more beautiful place. These were all things that Cathy loved to do and we would be honored if you would share with us how you're remembering and honoring Cathy with either a few sentences or photos. You can share them to this blog page by posting below or tag us in your post on social media. Please join us in celebrating her life that was so well lived.

**We will be having a private memorial as Cathy wished on Saturday morning

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