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Laguna Verde & Father's Day Ideas

Welcome June! School is almost out, seniors are graduating, sulfurs and slate drakes are hatching.

This is Laguna Verde

It's not often that we get Barry in front of the camera, but he will if it's talking about Laguna Verde, a.k.a. Jurassic Lake or Lake Strobel, Argentina. This place draws us back every year and we continue to be amazed at the beautiful yet barren landscape, the weather patterns that develop around the lake, and the size, girth, and strength of the rainbows that live here. There is truly no place like it on earth. The anglers who have joined at Laguna Verde always say, “It was so much more than I imagined!”

Here's Barry's take on this fascinating destination:

Our 2024 Laguna Verde Dates: February 3-10.

Father's Day Ideas for June 18

Make Dad happy. Bajio sunglasses are the leaders in eye protection technology, helping us define structure and see fish better in the water. Bajio lenses block 90% of the harsh yellow light, 95% of the bad blue light, and 100% of UV. Amazing protection & clarity. Choose NATO for full frame, good protection & coverage. NIPPERS for slightly smaller frames, same protection & coverage

Copper Poly Lens, Ash Tortoise Frames

$199.99 with free shipping

For more info on lens Bajio technology:

Super Beetle Selection

Summertime means terrestrial fishing and our Half & Half Super Beetle selection is perfect for Father's Day. 4 each size 8, 10, & 12, in a clear foam lined box. 6 with red wing and 6 white wing for all light conditions.


Through My Lens

A collection of Barry's favorite photographs from home and around the world. This is not a fishing photo book. People, animals, places & times.


Guiding this Week

Thanks, folks for following along. See you next week.

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