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Bajio Sunglasses

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Product Details
- Radically Clear Lapis* Lenses
- Blocks 95% of the sun's blue light, critical to vision and health
- Improved clarity while reducing blur, glare and haze
- Enhances color while protecting your eyes from harmful rays.

-Prescription Available

- Result: See fish better in Bajios.

NATO $199

Barry's favorite. Full coverage, sightly curved, wide temples. Protection from unwanted light and glare for improved vision. Available in Ash Tortoise Matte frames. 3 polycarbonate lens tints: Rose Mirror Poly, Violet Mirror Poly, and Copper Base.

Rose Mirror: Medium light, high contrast. Great for fishing in both bright sun and lower light.
Violet Mirror: Bajio's lightest high contrast lens, see fish clearly in all conditions.
Copper Base: Great high contrast lens for spotting underwater structures and fish.

Nippers $199

Slightly smaller frame, same features as the NATO. Same lens tint and dark torte gloss frame.

Note: Other styles and glass lens available on special order. Please contact us.
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