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Hello November & How Trout Spawn

Hello November

Our trout fishing season here is wrapping up. Our last scheduled guiding was Halloween day, a warm late fall day. Fishing was good, weather was warm in the 50's, there was little wind so that meant few leaves in the water. Fishing Creek is at a beautiful level, water clear, trout in the early states of spawn. It was a great day to be out. We'll have a few guide days with anglers that can come at the last minute when we have a snap of mild weather, but a lot of local anglers are thinking about salmon and steelhead, saltwater, or hunting season.

Our thanks to everyone who came this season for guiding, lessons, over night packages, and corporate outings. We had a few weeks of low water in late summer, but overall it was a great fishing season and we hope to see all of you again in 2023.

How Trout Spawn

Every time I read an article on trout spawning activity I learn something new. Did you know that the female trout may not deposit all of her eggs in one redd? I didn't. We found this very interesting short article on the spawning activity by Professor James Marsh. Second question: What do deer and trout have in common at this time of year? Read on.

Clear Creek

To accompany the article above we found a 2:45 minute video on Spawning Brown Trout by the Colorado Parks & Wildlife's fishery program. It's worth the time.

If you're still fishing for trout and we hope that you are, please be alert for spawning activity and redds. These areas should be avoided, the future of the next generation of trout depends on many factors of which not disturbing these areas is a big one.

Hereford Cattle in Patagonia

Our featured photo this week. We wonder if these cows know they live in a beautiful place. This image is available in a variety of formats – as a wrap, print, framed, and more at GeoGalleries. Follow the link and then search for the title. Don't see what you're looking for? Talk to us. Please contact us with questions or if we can be of assistance.

See you next week. As always, thanks for following along.

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