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Bighorn Review, Catch of a Lifetime, & Guiding on Fishing Creek

Bighorn Review

We had an incredible two weeks on the Bighorn in August. Long summer days with a nice mix of dry fly, nymph and streamer fishing. Nymphs took the most fish, but for those willing to search the river tricos, mahoganies, and a splattering of pseudos and PMDs could be found. A couple boats had dry fly fishing all day long, but most of us found it spread out with pods of rising fish here and there.

Managers, Rick & Cheryl Gehweiler, and kitchen staff Spencer, Beth, and Melaina, did an outstanding job of breakfasts, lunches, appetizers, dinner and desserts. We were all impressed! But most of all, it's the fishing guides that keep us coming back to the Bighorn River Lodge every year. We are biased for sure, but we think we have the best guides on the river and the steady flow of return guests underscores the statement!

I've been posting photos all week to Instagram from the group, but here are a few of Barry's favorite pics from the trip.

2024 Bighorn River Dates: Week #1 – August 24-31 & Week #2 – August 31-Sept. 7

The Catch of a Lifetime

Moments of Flyfishing Glory

by Peter Kaminsky

Peter Kaminsky has gifted us with another beautiful book, The Catch of a Lifetime. Peter has put together a collection of over 70 gifted writers who have contributed moving first-person stories recounting their catch of a lifetime. These are stories from places as close as your back yard to the Amazon's headwaters – and everywhere in between.

It's already September, so it's not too early to think about Christmas shopping – or to plan ahead for winter reading by the fire. This is one book that we know you, or a fly fisherman in your life, will enjoy.

Check it out at the links below.

Back at Home

Once about every 6-8 years we have a summer season that gifts us with fishing right through until the snow fall. We are having that kind of a season this year. Fishing Creek has had good water all year and we have continued to guide through the months of July and August, when normally the water is too low for fishing to continue. We have had a number of sturdy anglers who are not afraid of the summer air temperatures come to guide and the results have been impressive. Here are a few photos from the last couple of weeks. Beautiful fish and happy anglers for sure!

Fall is coming fast, come fish with us before the season ends and see for yourself what Fishing Creek has to offer.

That's all for this week. It's going to feel like fall here next week, summer is fading fast. As always, thanks for following along.

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