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Trout Season Opens in PA, Guiding Special, & Overage Charges while Flying

Trout Season Opens in PA

Pennsylvania trout season opens statewide on April 2. According to the PA Fish & Boat Commission:

“Pennsylvania is home to some of the best trout fishing in the world! Wild and stocked Brook (native, state fish), Brown and Rainbow (including steelhead and golden rainbow) Trout are found in PA waters. In addition, Lake Trout are found in Lake Erie, Raystown Lake and the East Branch Clarion River Dam. You can pursue trout in tiny mountain brooks, famous limestone streams, large rivers like the Upper and West Branch of the Delaware and the Youghiogheny River and the tributaries and ocean-like waters of Lake Erie. With nearly 16,000 miles (and counting) of wild trout streams, nearly 5,000 miles of stocked trout streams and over 125 stocked trout lakes, PA has something to offer every trout angler.”

Whether you agree with the above statement or not is another story (about the best trout fishing in the world...), but young and old, male and female, spin, bait or fly – the opening of trout season is looked forward to by a lot of anglers in our state. It's amazing that our state has that many miles of trout fishing and we hope that you visit some of it this season. The opening of trout season is an important date around here and a sure sign of spring!

Guiding Special

Our guiding special runs for another two weeks, until April 16, then it's back to regular rates which are still very attractive. Come guide with us before the 16th, and save $100.

For details check out the March 10, blog.

Barbell Number?

We had some inquiries as to how many barbells were in the contest a couple weeks ago. The tub contained 344 barbells and Bob Meyers got closest with his guess of 327.

$100 Overweight Charge! Are You Kidding??

I found an interesting report in my favorite travel newsletter, The Travel Insider, which says that there may be a trend in airlines lowering the weight allowance for luggage. This is a biggie as summer approaches and travel plans include flying, so beware. You could be caught by surprise at check-in and slapped with an overweight charge of up to $100!

The Travel Insider has a very interesting perspective and good advice. Take heed.

If you're a regular flyer, please consider subscribing to the newsletter. I look forward to receiving it each week.

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