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Tis the Season & Last Minute Gifts

'Tis the Season!

I don't know about you, but this month is going way too fast for me! Next week at this time, we'll be sliding fast into the Christmas weekend, so you better watch out and you better not pout about how fast the days are flying by!

We arrived home from Argentina a couple days ago. It's spring time there, flowers are blooming, birds singing, streams, rivers, and lakes are full of fresh new water. It looks like a great season ahead. We're in Argentina a lot in the next few months – January at Pira Lodge for golden dorado; February at Laguna Verde testing our strength on record-breaking rainbows, and March to San Huberto, Pilolil, and Tecka mainly for spring creek dry fly fishing and hatches. Then we settle back in for the start of trout season at home. Here are a mix of shots from the last trip, some ours, some from the guests (thank you, all). Argentina is an amazing fishing destination, (and the soccer team is pretty good too).

2023 Calendars

We still have a handful of our own 2023 calendars with our without the fly selection special. Check them out. Great last minute gift idea!

Photo Book

Thanks to everyone who has purchased our new book, Through the Lens. We want to clarify that this is not a fly fishing book, but a collection of our favorite fine art images. Barry.

We have books in here and can get them out quickly. Call us (570-925-2392) or order online. It is a beautiful book for the coffee table at any time of year. For details.

Blue Collar Worker

Don't you just love the name of this fly? The Blue Collar Worker (BCW) rides inverted in the water, is easy to tie, and it works! If you're going to be spending time at the bench this winter tying and filling your boxes for spring, be sure to include plenty of BCW's!

Thank you Domenick Swentosky at Troutbitten and Josh Darling for sharing the Blue Collar Worker!

Thanks, folks. That's all for this week. We really appreciate you following along with our blog each week. See you next week.

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