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The Stream in Winter, Argentina Opening, & The Fly Fishing Show in GA

The Stream in Winter

One might look at the photo of our stream and think that nothing is happening, that everything is in lockdown until spring. In some ways that is true, we don't see a lot of fishermen out this time of year and no trout are rising, no spinners falling, but things are happening.

The redds that we so carefully avoided last fall that held the eggs from the female trout are where the action is now occurring. The fish eggs are developing into the 'eyed ova' stage and then into alevins. Depending on water temperature it takes from 60-97 days for the eggs to hatch. It is during the alevin stage that the egg sack is consumed by the emerging trout. Once the yolk has been eaten, the alevin become fry and when the fry emerge from the gravel and move toward the light, they start to feed on tiny insects in the water. Trout that are less than a year old are called parr.

This is an interesting progression from one stage to the next and the Wild Trout Trust has several short videos showing these stages. The photography is exceptional.

Thank you Wild Trout Trust for bringing this to us.

Tres Valles Video

Wanted to include this last week when I talked about the unheard of last-minute room at Tres Valles in March, but it wasn't quite ready. It's a special place. If you've been there you know. Anyway, enjoy the video. (We still have the room available).

Next stop on the Fly Fishing Show Circuit

If you're in the Atlanta, GA, area this weekend stop in at the show!

That's all for this week. If you're in the midwest you may be in the aftermath of the ice storm that was due this week. Coastal east and northeast are digging out. It's definitely winter in a good part of the country! It's summer in Argentina....just saying. Stay warm and stay safe.

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