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Streamer Fishing & Let's Kick Plastic

Streamer Fishing – Eats and Misses

If you saw last week's blog and viewed the video clips on the evolution of a trout egg to a parr, you suddenly get the idea of streamer fishing success. Often our streamers imitate parr or baby fish. Of course there are patterns that imitate other things as well – sculpins, leeches, crayfish, etc., but minnows make up a substantial part of an adult trout's diet.

Most of us fish streamers and we know that in the spring when the water is cold and the trout are sitting on the bottom and not moving much, a streamer fished deep and slow can be very productive. In this article Domenick Swentosky,, gives us some food for thought as to why we often miss the fish when he hits our streamer. Very interesting.

I know. We hear it over and over and after awhile it just goes in one ear and out the other. It's easy to just not think about it and let it be someone else's problem. But the truth is that it's everyone's problem.

We're noticing some small changes coming in the lodges that we visit. There was a time, and not so long ago, that guides would have coolers stacked full of bottles of water, soda, Gatorade, and sometimes beer. We are seeing more and more lodges now issuing individual water bottles that guests can take home after the trip, or plastic cups in the boats with jugs of ice water. The idea is to reduce plastic water bottle waste and yes, it takes a little more effort but I think everyone will agree that we have to start somewhere.

Pira Lodge left information in each room about the “Kick Plastic” effort and it's pretty interesting that:

Nervous Waters (the company that owns Pira Lodge) and David Denies (their hunting counterpart) estimated that at one time together they discarded 100,000 plastic water bottles per year. Think about that for a minute.

The equivalent of a garbage truck of plastic is dumped into the ocean every minute.

By 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean, by weight.

Almost all the plastic ever produced is still around.

One in four fish tested have plastic in them.

None of us want to live in a plastic sea. Let's join the movement to Kick Plastic by spreading the word about the issue, engaging in solutions, and helping create positive change. These are some things we can all do to help make a difference:

To learn more about the Kick Plastic movement visit

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