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Stream Report, Single Woman Wanted, & Marlborough Show

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Stream Report

What a week it has been! Tuesday brought us a late season snow storm with 5” inches of snow here in the valley, but 12-15” on the mountain. Schools were canceled, snow plows were out and we were back in winter....for a day. Then the sun came out and the snow quickly disappeared here but we still have several inches on the mountain. Thankfully, daytime temps have been in the 50's and night time in the 30s so the water has stayed at good levels. About the time the snow storm hit the Hendricksons joined the Blue Quills and the hatches have been awesome this week. Yesterday both bugs blanketed the water and we expect that to continue for the next couple of weeks. We should see the Hendricksons get heavier as the Blue Quills diminish. Check out our Hendrickson Poly Fluff Duns, they have been very good with a pheasant tail nymph dropper.

We enjoyed having Nick Yardley and Eric Kelley from Fulling Mill's visit and fish with us for a couple days. Nick lives in Vermont and a couple days before coming down mentioned that he was really looking forward to some of our warm spring weather and what he got was 5” of snow! But once the bugs starting popping, they were happy campers. We were amazed at how effective their euronymphing techniques were on our water. All they fished were 10' rods for #2 lines and 6X tippet. Makes me want to be better at it!

Single Woman Wanted

I'll bet you're wondering about this! Actually what it is is that we have a woman traveler interested in our Africa Safari and would like to share the adventure with another woman.

It would be a shared accommodation and good company. Scroll back to our April 7, blog for details (if you're viewing this from a browser) or go to

Marlborough Show

If you're in the Marlborough, MA, area this weekend do stop in at the Fly Fishing Show at the Royal Plaza Hotel & Trade Center. Check out the details at

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