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Spring Fly Deals, Eddie, & Bajio Sunglasses

Think Spring!!

It's finally here. Blue Quills are hatching along with Quill Gordons and stoneflies. Hendricksons and Little Red Quills are on the horizon. Fish are rising on warm afternoons and fishing season officially opens in Pennsylvania on Saturday. Hooray for April.

To celebrate the season we have a new fly selection.

Baker's Dozen +1

Be ready with this selection, includes four popular early season mayflies: Quill Gordon (#14), Blue Quill (#16), Hendrickson (#14) and Little Red Quills (#16), tied with a CDC wing in thorax style. 3 each pattern and 2 extras of one pattern, our choice.

14 (yes, 14!) beautifully tied dry flies in a pocket pack box and a RIO 9' 4X leader.

Order Today $28.95.

Season Opener Nymph Special

And don't forget about our Season Opener Nymph selection.

Two great selections for anytime of the season, but essential in the spring. Our bead head Hares Ear Selection and our bead head Pheasant Tail Selection. Two dozen flies, sizes 12, 14, 16, each boxed in a pocket pack with a RIO Powerflex 3X leader (A $50 value) $37

Here's Eddie

We re-introduced Susie and Brooke over the winter. Next up is our IT guy, Eddie Donlin. He is who we go to for all things electronic/computer related – from a problem with Facebook to servers to networking – and everything in between. He'll even hold a fish now and then. He is our Go-To guy and has been with us for many many years. We were all kids when we started out in this business! Thank you Eddie, you're the best.

Bajio Sunglasses

We are now a Bajio dealer and will formally introduce the brand next week. In the meantime, we have an order of NATOs in house and are getting them checked in and ready to go. For a long time we've been looking for an exceptional optics company with a serious focus on fishing and Bajio is definitely paying attention to what anglers need. More to come next week!

That's all for this week. We hope you're getting your tackle out, cleaning lines, checking waders, and sprucing up your boxes. We'll see you out there!

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