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Pira Lodge Opening, Free Balance Leach, & Fly Fishing Shows

October Half Over??

Are the months flying by at warp speed for anyone else? I can not believe that October is more than half over already! Time is going so fast that some weeks I completely forgot the blog! When I think about this year, it seems like we just celebrated the 4th of July! But if I look out the window, the changes I see confirm the calendar. Our red maples and burning bushes are bright red, and there are other changes as well.

Like the signs on the stream. Fish are chasing each other, an indication of spawning activity. We've seen some red and black flying ants, which are always a sign of fall here, and there are now trucks parked in the favorite pull-offs for archery hunters.

Fishing Creek is in perfect condition after the recent rains and we should have good fall fishing for at least a few weeks yet. With the new water and cold mornings, our guides will be lengthening their droppers, trying eggs, and maybe adding a little more weight for nymphs. But there will be warm afternoons of dry fly fishing too. Super beetles, tan and cinnamon caddis, ants, are all popular patterns in the fall.

There is a rustle of leaves on the path, a thermos of coffee in the car where a couple weeks ago it was a cooler of cold drinks, and a bowl of soup will sound better for lunch than a cold sandwich. Put the down jacket in the car and don't forget the long johns and fleece. The guides are getting together and planning trips to Erie and NY for salmon and steelhead. Yes, the times they are a changing.

Opening at Pira Lodge in January

You'll be very glad in January when the temperature might be hovering around zero and snow is waiting to be shoveled, that you grabbed the last room at Pira Lodge in Argentina. Get out the 8-weight and come fish for golden dorado in the tropical paradise of the vast Ibera Marsh Preserve in northern Argentina. It's not difficult fishing, there is no wind, and dorado love to chase flies and jump. It's exciting fishing. The lodge is air conditioned, airy and spacious with great accommodations, shaded verandas, amazing meals, lunches on the patio.

Check out the details, photos, and video and then call us or Frontiers if you have any questions. It's easy to see how Pira has become our favorite January destination. Come see why!

Last Chance for Free Balance Leech

A couple weeks ago we wrote about fishing the Balance Leech, with a throw back to an earlier blog post about the same fly. We offered a free fly to anyone who dropped us a note through the Comments section of the blog. Since I forgot the blog last week, we're extending it one more week. Just drop us a note in Comments saying “I'd like to try the Balance Leech” and we'll put one in the mail to you!

Offer ends 10/27/22.

2023 Fly Fishing Shows

Mark your calendars! Before you know it the 2023 Fly Fishing Shows will be here. Check out as the shows get closer for directions, programs, presentations, and other don't-want-to-miss show events.

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Oct 21, 2022

I would like to try one. Thank you so much.


Oct 21, 2022

I would like to try one Please.


Oct 21, 2022

I'd like to try the Balance Leech too.... Here in Baja around rock piles.

Thinking trigger fish.


Bob Myers
Bob Myers
Oct 21, 2022

I'd like to try the Balance Leech.

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