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Lago Stroebel, Fly Sale, & Fish for the Future

Lago Stroebel

AKA Jurassic Lake. We just spent two weeks with groups at Estancia Laguna Verde fishing Lake Stroebel, one of the largest basaltic plateaus in Patagonia. The history of Strobel, and neighboring lakes, is fascinating. The lake sits at 3000 feet of elevation in a completely barren, wind blown, rock covered volcanic caldron. Barry describes the landscape as lunar as there are no trees or tall bushes. The lake is 65 square kilometers of crystal clear water and as you get close to the lake the rocks are covered with a thick crust of white to light tan calcium carbonate, the secret to the conditions that allow amazing growth of trout, famous worldwide as probably the best wild rainbow trout fishery in the world. The fish in Strobel grow to record proportions on a diet of mostly scud-like crustacea (Amphipods), and an order of insects (Coleopterans) that include beetles and weevils. Strobel is blessed to have the Barrancoso River, the only tributary, which makes the lake self-sustainable through natural reproduction.

This is where anglers are put to the test of fighting howling wind (we had gusts up to 80 mph) while looking and hoping for the fish of a lifetime. Luckily, some days there is almost manageable wind and there are protected bays and places to tuck in out of the worst wind. Fishing is casting streamers or drifting nymphs and balance leeches under a big chubby Chernobyl dry fly or an indicator. It's a battle against the elements for a beast of a rainbow, which could go 20 pounds, or better.

Guests of Estancia Laguna Verde are always impressed with the lodge, staff, food, wines, but most of all with Lake Strobel's trout. Here are a few images taken by our group of anglers. You can bet that, God willing, we'll be back next February!

Leggy Humpy &

March Brown Dun Sale

Added to the flies that are on clearance is the Leggy Humpy and the March Brown traditional duns. We love the Leggy Humpy because it floats high, is easily to see, and makes a great fly to fish as a dry dropper. And the traditional March Brown is a beautiful spring mayfly tied in the Catskill tradition. But, they are not not performing like we want and so are being discontinued. Check them out along with the other sale flies in our store.

Fish for the Future

If you haven't seen it, please sit back and watch this short video (3 minutes) produced by Fishpond and featuring Landon Mayer. I'm very partial to the guides that work for us, but I can honestly say that I don't know of a serious guide anywhere that doesn't feel this way about what he does. Thank you Fishpond and Landon.

That's it for this week. The geese are flying and the daffodils and spring lilies are showing. A New York friend told me her blue birds are checking out the boxes. The guides are talking about an early blue quill hatch, better get ready. It won't be long now. See you next week.

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