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July?, American Fly Fishing, & Don't Force it, Just Fish It

Can This be July?

I don't know what kind of a summer you're having, but our summer here is pretty strange. Last week it was high water with lots of people in the northeast in flash flood situations. Then the weather calmed down, at least here, and now the fields that were brown are green again, gardens and crops are growing, and the fishing is pretty darn amazing for mid-July.

Nights are in the 60's, with the occasional cooler night, mornings are crisp and Fishing Creek is about as pretty as it can get. We've gotten out a couple early mornings this week to fish and today the magic flies were two dries, a PD Hopper and a Super Beetle on 5X, both size 10. You might call it a double dry dropper! This is crazy because in normal years it would be tiny beetles or ants and #18 sulfur spinners! Our water is up and the flies that are normally Montana patterns for this time of year are working here at home. I can tell you that no one remembers a summer like this one! There are bigger fish than this rainbow, but none are prettier.

American Fly Fishing

We are happy this week to receive the July/August 2023 copy of American Fly Fishing, with our photo of our grandsons at the pond, on the Through The Lens page. The issue has features on the Jefferson River, MT; Aransas Pass, TX, and the Batten Kill, NY & VT, and lots of other interesting places, plus Reviews, In The Vise, Conservation, Pioneers & Legends (Ed Shenk is in this issue), and more. Pick up your copy today.

Don't Force It – Just Fish It

If you follow us regularly, you know that I follow Domenick Swentosky and Troutbitten. “He is the “real deal”, as a friend and acquaintance recently described him. “He spends more time on the water than anyone I've ever met,” he went on to say. When Domenick has something to say, I listen. Sometimes it's simply commonsense advice and other times he dives deeper into a subject and makes us think outside the box. I don't always agree, but I do always appreciate his way of thinking.

This is a commonsense short piece on summer fishing. I hope you enjoy. Thank you, Troutbitten.

We're off to Intricate Bay, Alaska, this week and at home we're finishing our website updates for 2024 trips and will be featuring one of our very favorite destinations next week. In the meantime, we hope you're getting time on the water and enjoying summer! Thanks for following.

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