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Jake Villwock, Fall Fly Fishing, & Come Fish with Us

Where did September go? We find it amazing that we're saying goodbye to another wonderful month. We love the fall around here and we start to see the early signs in September; the green begins to fade from the leaves, sweet corn season is over, soon we'll pick the last of the tomatoes, we're seeing early signs of pre-spawning activity with our trout, birds are starting to gather for the trip south, soccer season is winding down for our grandsons, and so on.

We have an exciting young guy to talk about this week. Perhaps you have fished with him or one of his guides. We've spent a couple days with Jake Villwock and had a great time, a day for smallmouth and another for trout. Barry's going to tell you about him and we have some fall fishing tips from Hatch Magazine, a couple years back, that we think you'll enjoy reading.

Jake Villwock

Jake Villwock is a name you may already be familiar with; fishing guide, writer, fly designer, guide service — Jake does it all. Jake impressed me from the moment we met at the Edison Show, where he was tying flies. I grew up in this industry and have seen a lot of personalities come and go, but I think Jake’s here to stay.

Those of us who survive quickly realize that you will never get rich, at least in monetary terms, but if you’re willing to work hard you can live a lifestyle that some could only dream about. Lefty Kreh is the best example of this, to Lefty a new car or big house was never important. To my knowledge, Lefty never really had what most people would call wealth. Instead, he immersed himself in a fly-fishing lifestyle that included his fly casting books, photographs, lectures, magazine articles and casting demonstrations. Lefty never got rich but he lived the dream, and he touched a lot of lives along the way.

Lefty lacked ego, he never let his notoriety go to his head, he was always willing to listen and help anyone. He told me one time that, you know you’re famous if you go into McDonalds and someone asks for your autograph. I’ve always remembered that and although I don’t think we will ever have another Lefty, I do see several young anglers who have what it takes to follow in his footsteps.

Jake Villwock is a great example. There’s no ego here and what you see is what you get. I’ve been lucky enough to spend some quality time with Jake on the water and know that Jake is the real deal. He’s that guy that you like immediately, has a great sense of humor, angling skills to be envied, and an easy way about him. I bet he’s a great teacher. Time with Jake always goes too fast. His knowledge of smallmouth bass, trout, and east coast steelhead makes him one of the best authorities on the species. When he’s not working in a freshwater environment he is most likely poling a boat across a salt water flat, but one thing for sure, Jake is never far from the water.

I think we’re going to hear more and more about Jake as time goes on. To learn more about Jake and his many endeavors, you can find him at . Check it out.


5 Reasons to Love Fall Fly Fishing

We came across a great article by Ben Kryzinski that appeared in Hatch Magazine in October of 2021. It gives us some pointers on how fishing changes in the fall and some things we should remember and take to heart.

Here on Fishing Creek and for much of the northeast in October and November, we'll be watching for black and red flying ants, large tan caddis, small blue wings (baetis) on nasty days, and still some slate drakes. Hoppers and super beetles are working and droppers of small PT and Hare's Ear nymphs and peridons will increase our chances. As the fish turn to spawning mode, eggs will produce fish that are hanging below the redds. Fur leeches and super buggers will continue to work right through fall and into winter. Check out these patterns in our store.

But, please leave the reds and the spawning fish alone. Give them a wide margin. They are our hope for future generations of wild fish!

Come Fish with Us

We're getting calls for fall guiding. October is one of our favorite months here in the northeast and we hope you get out often to fish. Our fall season is fast approaching. Give us a call and come visit Fishing Creek. Let us show you our stream and our fish.

That's all for this week. Have a great week and get outside!! See you next week.

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