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Fly Fish Stoke, LL Bean & TU, and Twomile Run

We continue to hope/pray for rain here. This drought has become more serious now than in most recent years our area – farmers, gardeners, fishermen, fire departments are all watching the weather forecasts and hoping to see rain. Fishing Creek is very low, but thankfully our nights are cool and the water temperature is okay for the most part. Our concern is eagles, ospreys, herons, the oxygen levels, and overall water levels. It will soon break, it always does, and then fall fishing will kick off and everyone will be happy.

We're headed to the Bighorn River, Montana, with groups for a couple weeks and it will be nice to see plenty of cold running water. Fishing reports are good with caddis, PMDs, some hopper fishing, and the tricos are just beginning to appear. Our timing should be perfect!

Fly Fish Stoke

“Fly Fish Stoke” is a short, under 2 minutes, film from Patagonia Clothing Company that beautifully captures numerous aspects of the sport we love. Decompress, give your eyes and brain a break, sit back, and enjoy clips from a variety of different environments and species. It's refreshing and reminds us of what's out there for us with a fly rod!

Thank you Patagonia for bringing it to us.

L.L. Bean & T.U.

Anybody not love L. L. Bean? I don't think so. It's where we go for Bean boots and good outdoor gear. What isn't so well known is their dedication to promoting fly fishing at many levels and their involvement with T.U.

Twomile Run

And while we were reading about L. L. Bean and TU, we stumbled on this feel good success story about Pennsylvania's own Twomile Run in the Kettle Creek watershed. TU asked us to photograph the mine drainage back in 1998, when the clean-up first began. When we saw the area we thought there was no way anyone was going to clean it up. We didn't even want to walk in the water with our wading boots, it was so disgusting. Well, look what has happened:

A big Thank you, TU!

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