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Father's Day, Golden Dorado, & Snowpack

Father's Day is coming up! Treat Dad with a gift certificate for a day of guided fishing- $395. Here's a link to our website for details.

We hope you're all getting out to fish this week. It's been a great week of dry fly fishing here although the stream is high today due to heavy rain upstream last night. It will quickly drop, but there won't be any fishing today. But up until last night, we had sulphur duns and spinners in the evening, a few BWO cornuta still around in the morning and took fish on slate drakes, beetles and craneflies during the day. Summer is here for sure and we love it.

Here in the office we've been busy working on our 2023 schedule and hope to have it ready to go by next week. One of our favorite places is Pira Lodge in northern Argentina for golden dorado and Barry is sharing a few thoughts about it below. This will be our third trip to Pira and we can't seem to get our fill of these exciting fish. Plus, it's nice to be in warm tropical weather in January!

Pira Lodge, Golden Dorado

The Ultimate Golden Dorado Destination

If golden dorado is not on your bucket list, it should be. This hard fighting aggressive freshwater fish will tax your 8-weight fly rod, jump like crazy and fight to the end. Known locally as River Tigers, golden dorado are incredibly beautiful and if you like action then this is your fish.

Over the years we have chased golden dorado in Bolivia, the delta off of Buenos Aires, and up and down Argentina’s Parana River. Then we had the opportunity to visit northern Argentina’s Ibera Marsh and Pira Lodge. Both are world famous, the marsh is a giant ecosystem consisting of more than three million acres, reminiscent of the Florida Everglades, with an impressive collection of wildlife and birds. The lagoon-like pools and channels teem with Golden Dorado. Most are in the eight to twelve pound range but a twenty pound fish is not out of the question. Dorado here will often take a surface fly or popper as quickly as they will attack a streamer.

We visit Pira each January when the marsh is blanketed in color with acres of floating mats of aquatic flowers. The lodge itself is reminiscent of a Spanish villa with high ceilings, shaded verandas, delicious food, spacious guest rooms, great guides and easy-to-fish-out-of shallow water Hells Bay skiffs. Oh, and of course there is the Malbec wine. So we invite you to join us in January of 2023, for what we consider the best of the best when it comes to golden dorado.

We’ll be launching this departure soon on our web site, but please contact us if you want more information or a jumpstart of securing space with us, January 7-14, 2023, lodge dates. We’ll also be launching our March, Argentina, dates for trout departures to the Esquel and San Martin estancias; San Huberto, Pilolil, and Tecka.

Stay tuned.


Does Snowpack Even Matter Anymore?

This caught my attention immediately. Interesting question posed in Angling Trade Media recently with a survey. If you have snow melt influence, or not, Angling Trade would like your answer in a survey they are currently conducting at The survey link is in the introduction.

And, last but not least, some photos from this week. Almost all on dry flies! 'Tis the season.

See you next week. Thanks for following us.

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