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Early Season Report, Angling Pressure, & Bajio Sunglasses

Early Season Report

This week we saw the first Hendricksons of the season. It is just a handful at this point, and we're still seeing Quill Gordons and Blue Quills, but there will be more and more as the next couple of weeks go by and fewer to eventually no more of the Quill Gordons and Blue Quills. Such is spring. Mixed in with the mayflies are a few caddis. Evening fishing is getting better as the nights get warmer and the spinners fall.

It's a glorious time on the trout fishing calendar and it will keep getting better. Our stream, and most others in the state, are in good shape and anglers are enjoying a nice early season. I've always found it interesting to think about the mayfly hatch sequence, how the order of hatching insects never changes. It starts out early with Blue Quills and Quill Gordons, followed by Hendricksons, then March Browns and Gray Foxes, Cornuta BWOs, then Sulphurs, Light Cahills and Slate Drakes. There will be some early stoneflies and several species of caddis mixed in but the marching order never changes. It's very much like the spring wildflowers, first the snow drops, then spring beauties and trout get the drift. Mother Nature is pretty awesome.

Angling Pressure

I came across a podcast this week that is pretty awesome too. Domenick Swentosky, of Troutbitten fame, has a podcast on Angler Pressure What it Does to the Fish. It's a 2-part podcast and this is part one. What is unique is that it's not based on scientific studies or facts and figures. It's a small group of well educated, experienced anglers discussing the question, looking at all the angles and letting the discussion take it's own course. It reminded me that there's a lot to consider and one or two people can't come up with all the variables, it takes brainstorming. There is an introduction to the participants in the beginning, give it a chance to get rolling or jump ahead about 17 minutes to the actual debate. I kept saying, “Wow, I never thought about that.” I think you'll find it interesting with lots to think about afterward. It makes me feel good about the future of trout fishing.

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