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Chasing Argentine Gold by Barry & This Week's Gear Pick

Chasing Argentine Gold

We caught our first golden dorado in the jungles of Bolivia and we have to say that once you catch one, you’re hooked. Dorado are unbelievably aggressive fish that let nothing stand in their way when they’re on the feed. Once hooked they out jump and fight harder than any tarpon in the same weight category. These toothy critters demand wire bite tippets and flies that are sometimes are six inches or longer. Fast eight and nine weight fly rods work best and tropical RIO Outbound lines will help turn over the larger flies.

January will find us joining our Frontiers group and heading into the north country of Argentina. We’ll start at Pira Lodge, conveniently located with easy access to the Famous Ibera Marshlands. There are nearly three million acres of marsh, creeks, rivers and lagoons which provide the perfect habitat for golden dorado and other species. Very much like our Florida Everglades, this marsh is host to a spectacular number of bird species. Wildlife like capybara, river otters, caiman and marsh deer can be seen on a daily basis. Shallow water Hells Bay skiffs take us to the fishing but it’s more than just the fishing, it’s the total experience of the marsh and all the environment.

Following Pira we’ll have a three hour drive to Suinda Lodge, located on the banks of the Parana River. This incredible river travels some three thousand miles through Brazil, Paraguay and finally into Argentina. It is basically a tail water fishery hosting the second largest hydroelectric dam in the world. It also is known for big dorado. Along with dorado we’ll have shots at pacu, a permit look alike and smaller acrobatic pira pita. Our trip between Pira and Suinda will allow six days of fishing, enjoying Argentine beef and of course Malbec wines.

It feels good to be traveling again. Of course, traveling has changed a lot in the last two years. There are more requirements, tests to complete, forms to fill out — but then what hasn’t changed? We will all forget the extra steps required the second we hook into our first golden dorado!


Gear Pick

Our gear pick for this issue is the RIO Outbound Short fly line. With spring coming in a couple months, trout anglers will probably be throwing heavy streamers in high cold water. Add some wind to the equation and you've got perfect conditions for this line. Available in a full range of densities from floating to fast sinking, the Outbound Short gives anglers plenty of options and allows them to cast large, heavy flies “with ease.” Available in sizes 5-12.

We've been using the Outbound Short fly lines for years in environments that challenge our average trout tackle. If you like throwing streamers or big heavy or bulky flies, you will love the OB Short. Put one on your favorite fast rod and take on the elements!

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