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Private Instruction

Struggling with double haul? Need to get some distance on your cast or improve your presentation? Thinking of saltwater, or maybe just taking up the sport? We can help you with any aspect of fly casting. Come for a private lesson tailored to specific requests or start from the beginning. In a 3-hour lesson we cover fly casting, shooting line, roll casts, presentation and retrieving. After that we’ll move to the pond for hooking, fighting, landing and releasing fish.  If you’re coming to improve your cast or to learn a new technique such as double haul, extending your cast, or better presentation, come for one or two hours.

The cost is $60 per person per hour. If you have your own tackle, we suggest an 8-1/2’ or 9’ rod with a #5 line, unless your interest is in bigger rods. Participants should wear shoes suitable for wet grass and ponds. Bring a jacket, raincoat, cap, and polarized sunglasses.

After the instruction why not consider spending a day on the water with one of our instructor/guides on private water on Fishing Creek. Our Overnighter Package or One-Day Learning Package is the perfect way to get started in fly fishing. Learn how to spot fish, read water, approach a pool, fly selection, knots, and so much more. 9:00-5:00. Includes lunch. Gear (waders, boots, rod) are included, if needed. We have waders available in most sizes.

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