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Zain Train, Field Notes, & Christmas Island

The Zain Train!

World Champion Freestyle Wrestling

What I'm writing about has nothing to do with fly fishing except that Zain Retherford's parents have a beautiful stretch of Fishing Creek at their farm in our home town of Benton, PA. It's about Zain that we are boasting today. Zain, (and team member David Taylor), just brought home the gold in the USA World Championship having competed in Serbia. Zain is the son of Alan and Sarah Retherford, who have a local farm market outside of Benton. Zain graduated from Benton High School where he compiled an unbeaten record of 47-0 and collected his second state title. He went on to Penn State with an amazing wrestling career and from there the US Olympic Trials, US Open, Spain Grand Prix, and numerous World Championships and other international matches, but he went to the top this week! Congratulations, Zain. We can't tell you how proud we are of you for putting Benton on the map for such distinguished accomplishments!

Frontiers Field Notes

Frontiers has just released the first edition of Field Notes, a digital magazine for the adventurer, angler, and upland bird shooter. Not only are there great destinations with trips to dream about, and plans to be made, but a great intro to the new magazine from Mike, Jr., about the face of travel today and the changes he as seen over the last couple of years. Enjoy browsing the stories and the destinations (don't miss our piece on Argentina).

Christmas Island

January 1-10, 2024

We were scheduled to host a trip to Pira Lodge in Argentina in January for golden dorado. Pira is one of our favorite and most fun destinations. However, a severe drought has forced us to cancel and regroup. We quickly found a week available at the newly remodeled Christmas Island Lodge. Most of our Pira group has moved over to Christmas Island, but we have one spot left. We've always said that the most beautiful flats in the world are at C.I. Bonefish, giant trevally, triggerfish, golden trevally, and many others. All anglers have single accommodation, but share a guide.

Please contact us or Lisa Kiley at Frontiers for more information. or 800-245-1950.

2024 Hosted Trips

February 3-10 Laguna Verde (Jurassic Lake), Trout, Argentina

March 3-9 Estancia San Huberto, Trout, Argentina

March 9-14 Estancia Pilolil, Trout, Argentina

March 16-23 Estancia Tecka, Trout, Argentina

June 15-22 Ireland, Trout

July 8-Aug. 2 African Photo Safari (2)

August 24-31 Bighorn River, MT, Trout (Week #1)

Aug. 31-Sept. 7 Bighorn River, MT, Trout (Week #2)

October 25-31 E. Pyrenees, Spain, Trout

November (TBA) Turneffe Flats, Belize (bones, permit, tarpon, snook)

Dec. 1-14 Argentina Waters & Estancia Tecka, Trout, Argentina

That's all for this week. We're having beautiful fall weather with warm afternoons and cool evenings. Fishing is good and it's a great time of year to be outside. We hope you get out to know what's right around the corner!

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