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This Week's Gear Pick, Fly Selections for Christmas, & Fly Fishing with your Dog

Hi. Brooke here. We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I guess we're now in the countdown until Christmas! Barry and Cathy are with a group at Argentina Waters and Estancia Tres Valles. It is springtime in the southern hemisphere and I think it must be strange to have Christmas in the spring. Here’s a recent text I received from Cathy

“We are having unusually warm spring weather in Patagonia. Most years at this time of year we are wearing wool hats and down jackets. Not so this year! Short sleeves and lots of sunscreen this time. The fishing is almost all dry flies and the rivers and lakes are clear with hungry trout. After this warm weather, it will be heard to come home to winter temperatures.”

Here are a few photos they sent and I’m sure we’ll have more to share with you next week when they get home.

I wasn't sure how much participation we would have in our prize drawing 2 weeks ago with upcoming Thanksgiving and Black Friday occupying our thoughts, but it was a great response and we want to thank all of you who sent us your thoughts on what you prefer to use – a fishing vest or a pack.

The winner of our giveaway is Brian Larson. Brian, please email us your address and we’ll send your prize.

The majority of you said a vest was your go-to. I’ll be interested to see what Cathy & Barry say when they get home and if they agree with that. I think I’ve seen them use both.

We have some more nice prizes to give away in the coming weeks and we hope that you'll watch for future drawings.

This Week's Gear Pick

The Becks chose the Redington Classic Trout as their Gear Pick for this week. From them:

We have used the Classic Trout in our fly fishing school program for a number of years and while we have lots of other rods on the rack, the CT is the rod we choose whenever we have a new fly angler and often when we're choosing a loaner rod for someone.

The experienced angler will find the CT to be a lovely rod for dry fly and small nymph fishing. The rod action delivers delicate presentations on the water making it a perfect rod for those times when fish are near the surface and can spook easily if the cast isn't butter smooth, soft, and subtle.

If you're a Sage fan, the CT will remind you of the Light Line series of a few years ago. It's a sweet trout rod with a medium action (Redington calls it a moderate action) to protect light tippets. While it's a favorite trout rod of many, it's particularly good for less experienced anglers because they can feel the rod load at each end of the casting stroke making it easier to develop timing and rhythm. The soft tip protects light tippets from strikes that are sometimes too fast for anglers who are still learning.

The Classic Trout is beautifully finished, available in 4 or 6 piece, in a wide range of sizes, and comes with a lifetime warranty. At the price of $189.99, it is an affordable main rod or as a second or back-up rod.

Fly Selections for Christmas

Our fly selections make great gifts for Christmas. They're easy to wrap, can be dropped into a stocking, simple to mail, and flies are something every fly fisherman needs! We've got them here and ready to go. It makes gift giving quick and easy. Shop our Fly Selections.

And, lastly this week. Enjoy Huge's How to Fish With your Dog video. See you next week. 16 days left until Christmas!! (Thanks MidCurrent)

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