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Spain Recap, Short Bus Diaries, & What would you do?

Report from Spain

We had a great trip to Spain with a really good group of anglers. It's fun when the group has all traveled with us before and they remember each other from previous trips, renewed acquaintances, memories shared, and all that. But this time none the group knew each other so new friendships were made, new stories told, new experiences shared. Much the same but still much was different. We all came away having made new friends and lots of memories of a good fishing trip.

The weather was warm and dry, never once did we put on our rain coats and seldom did we need anything more than a vest. Trees were starting to turn and the mountains were beautiful. Water was in good shape although although it's been a dry summer and fall in the Pyrenees, fishing was still good. Barry is still editing photos, but here's a few photos from the group.

Short Bus Diaries

Have you seen this series on YouTube? I may be the last to learn about it, but I suspect that I am not. The series was featured on MidCurrent recently and we took a look. The first evening I sat down to watch Volume 1, I stayed on for 2 and 3 as well. I loved following these guys as they took apart an old school bus and made it into a fishing man cave. And then did it again a second time. It took Barry and I back to the early days when we tooled around Montana in an old VW van, cooking outside, tying flies, our bed was a foam pad on a sheet of plywood. We didn't realize how good we had it. Youth is so fleeting.

It's refreshing to see 4 friends make their way around the west fishing, laughing, tying flies, and truly enjoying the experience. Take a look, you might get hooked!

What Would You Do?

There's no question that more people are flying with fewer options in flights. That means over crowded airplanes full of unhappy people. Traveling can be more stressful today than ever. Here's a story that puts everyone involved in an awkward position. What would you have done? We'd love to hear your answer in the Comments section.

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