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San Hubert, Pilo Lil, & Free Leaders

San Huberto & Pilo Lil

San Huberto Lodge has been a regular stop for us for as long as we've been going to Argentina and it is still one of our very favorite places. We're excited to combine our 2023, visit at San Huberto with the neighboring Estancia Pilo Lil. At San Huberto we will walk wade the beautiful Rio Malleo spring creek and at Pilo Lil we'll fish from skiffs on the pretty Alumine, stopping to get out and fish the runs and riffles.

While San Huberto offers the beauty and mystique of the spring creek and the Lanin Volcano as a spectacular back drop, Estancia Pilo Lil boasts of breathtaking landscapes, unusual rock formations and lovely water. We have put the two together for a perfectly blended 2-stop Patagonia experience.

We will fish 5 days at San Huberto, transfer, and fish 4 days at Estancia Pilo Lil. Dates at the lodges will be March 5–16, 2023, plus travel time on each end. We'll soon have itineraries and costs available, but we couldn't wait to tell you about the combination. If you're thinking of Argentina in March, you might consider this one. Following Pilo Lil we will be at Estancia Tecka, near Esquel, for a week, March 18-25, another favorite. More on Tecka soon.

Free Leaders

Just in time for beetle season!

In celebration of summer and terrestrial season, for the next month when you order either our Beetle-Time Selection or the Half & Half, we'll include a free 9' 5X leader. Order both selections and we'll send 2 leaders (a $10 value). You won't see the leader when you checkout, but we'll include it.


Our water is still in great shape and fishing will continue to be good into July, but after that it will depend on what kind of summer weather comes our way. If the rains continue, fishing will remain good. Of course, we're all hoping for a wet summer. For now, it's terrestrial season and we're enjoying lots of dry fly fishing. Here's a look at some of our anglers from the last week.

That's it for this week. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. Thanks for following along.

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