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Pop a Smoke, Liar Liar, & Fall Guiding

Pop a Smoke

Rich and Cheryl Gehweiler are managers at Bighorn River Lodge on the Bighorn River in Montana. He's an unassuming guy, quiet, friendly – just goes about his day working around the lodge and visiting with guests. Pop A Smoke shows us another side of Rich Gehweiler. When the heat's turned up, he's the guy you want looking out for you.

His vivid memoir narrates his harrowing, at times deadly flight missions under fire, as experienced in the cockpit of a Sikorski H-34 helicopter as a U.S. Marine Lieutenant in Vietnam in 1969. It's a good read with anecdotes of tragedy and humor, and a more personal look at our friend and lodge manager.

We are honored to know Rick and proud of the men and women who serve our country.

Order or download a copy at:

Liar, Liar: Aging Gracefully as a Fly Angler

Recently while browsing through Fly Fisherman Magazine online I came across this story. It

seems like a good many of us are approaching or have arrived at this point in our fly fishing journey, physically speaking that is. And for those of you who haven't gotten to this point? Don't laugh, that day may be closer than you think! Thank you Fly Fisherman and Richard Chiappone.

Fall Guiding

This week we saw the last day of summer come and go. We are now technically into fall and it feels like it here. Cooler temperatures, leaves are showing signs of turning color, fall rains have arrived (thank goodness), and the stream is full and looking good – and so are the fish. October is our last hooray for the season and while we have some die-hard fans that fish well into winter, for most trout anglers the end of fall is the end of fishing until spring.

We ended this week on a high note, fishing is good. Come out and join us for a day, I think you'll be glad you did.

We hope you get outside to wet a line and enjoy the early fall weather. Thanks for following along

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