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Opening at Tecka Lodge & Nymphs on Sale

Openings at Tecka Lodge in March

It's very unusual that we have openings at this destination within a couple months of departure, but a family situation has forced a couple of our guests to cancel. Visiting Estancia Tecka is such a wonderful experience and the fishing at Tecka offers spring creeks, the Corcovado River, and trophy trout lakes, all beautiful and all easily accessible.

At Tecka you're on a 435,000 acre sheep ranch that specializes in merino wood production, but there are also hundreds of horses and cows, so there is ranch life all around. And, with more than 80 miles of private water on the ranch you can fish all week and never leave the ranch, and never fish the same water twice – unless, of course, you want to return to a favorite stretch.

Take a look at the itinerary and photos and then drop everything and join us for a wonderful week of early fall fishing in Patagonia. March 18-25, 2023. There's no place like it! Check it out.

Pira Lodge

Barry and I returned home from Pira Lodge, Argentina, a couple days ago. Pira is one of the premier destinations for golden dorado. Located in northern Argentina in the Ibera March Preserve, it's a beautiful destination with not only amazing fishing, but unparalleled birding opportunities. The area is experiencing very low water this year and the season may be cut short. Although the low water presents issues with getting the boats to where the fishing is, once there anglers find that the fish are healthy and happy to chase mice patterns and streamers. 7 and 8 weight rods and mouse patterns on the surface – does it get any better? We love you Pira, and we will be back! Here are a few photos from our cellphones, more to come next week from Barry.

Fly Sale!

Every so often we go through the flies in our online store and take a good look at what is selling and what's not. We pick all of the patterns carefully and all are flies that we use ourselves, but that doesn't mean that they become favorites for everyone. So we decide what we need to change or whether we drop the pattern from the line. The three flies that are on closeout this week are nymphs – the Peacock Peridon Tungsten nymph, Tungsten Prince Nymph, and Slate Drake Nymph. We use a lot of tungsten nymphs, especially in the spring because they sink fast. The slate drake is one of our favorite summer hatches and a used as a dropper behind a dry fly will often bring results.

The nymphs sell for $2.25 regularly and while supply lasts are only $1.50 each. It's a great time to restock your fly boxes. Check them out in our Online Store.

That's what we have for this week. Remember the fly fishing shows. Edison, NJ, is next week and we hope to see you there! Have a great week and thanks for following along.

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