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On Their Way Home, Throwing Guitars, & Time

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Just received a text from Cathy & Barry. They are on their way home and I'm anxious to catch up with them about their trip. Here's what her text to me said....

"It was an exceptional week of early fall weather in the Pyrenees. The big fish are moving into the rivers and Ivan Tarin and his guides at Salvelinus worked nonstop to find us fish. It was a fun week for the anglers and the sightseeing/ touring non-anglers as well. We can't wait to go back and will be announcing our 2022 dates soon. "

Sounds like a week to remember! Here are some photos she shared with me as well.

They're Throwing Guitars!

There was a nightmare story a few years back about a band traveling on United Airlines.While band members sat on the plane luggage handlers started tossing and throwing their guitars around and serious damage occurred. Well, there is a recent one about a violinist. She argued with the flight attendants that federal law allows reasonably sized instruments to be carried on board and was told by United that “they don't go by federal law, they go by United law.” Really?? In the end she prevailed, but it was close.

We hear lots of horror stories from passengers and have to wonder, “What ever happened to the passenger bill of rights?” Remember that? Apparently it went down the toilet.

I have to add my two cents and tell you that I remember a flight in Atlanta. We were sitting on the plane while it was pouring outside and luggage handlers were loading luggage into the plane. We and everyone else on our side of the plane witnessed the handlers unload the luggage onto the tarmac in the pouring rain so they could get into the covered luggage carts to wait out the rain! No kidding!

Read guitarist Dave Carroll's story and hope that it doesn't happen to you! (the music's not bad either).

TIME/A Reflection with Flip Pallot

I don't know how this got past me, but I realize that it was never in our blog and it should have been. Maybe you've seen this video with Flip and Blane Chocklett as Flip reflects on his life and Lefty's. If you follow the American Museum of Fly Fishing (AMFF), you may have. It's about then, and now, and what's ahead and done as only Flip can do it. Thank you Flip, Blane, Lefty, and the AMFF.

Until next week be safe, stay well, and get out to fish. We’ll soon be looking at snow!

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Oct 15, 2021

Great blog

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