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Memorial Day, F.O.L.K, & Controlling Drag

We've had a busy week here with guiding and instruction. We had a beautiful BWO Cornuta hatch yesterday and we're seeing March Browns every afternoon with a sighting of our first sulfurs and an inch worm a couple days ago, so it seems that we are in the peak of our spring fishing. It's nice to have dry fly fishing after waiting through the cold weeks for the water to warm up. These hatches are just starting and will be around for awhile so, if you're in the northeast, we hope you are fishing. It's a special time of year for sure.


If you were at the Edison, NJ, show you may have visited the F.O.L.K. (Friends of Lefty Kreh), booth. They are close to raising the money needed for the life size bronze statue of Lefty in his hometown of Frederick, MD, on Culler Lake in Baker Park, not far from where Lefty went to school.

Please join us and hundreds of others in commemorating Lefty with a donation to help complete the project.

Controlling Drag

Recognizing and controlling drag is one of the hardest challenges for anglers of all skill levels. Once drag is pointed out to a new angler, they immediately see what it is but controlling it is often much harder to master. And sometimes it is impossible for us to see, but it's still there. When we think we're making perfect casts and the fish continues to refuse the fly, there may be undetected drag on the fly. Changing our angle or trying a different type of cast may make a difference.

Here is a short video clip that we produced awhile back that gives some pointers on how to deal with drag.

Guide Shots from the Week

That's all for this week. We hope you have a very Happy Memorial Day weekend. See you next week.

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