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Loon Outdoors, Father's Day, & Fishing Creek

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

In recognition of Father's Day and dads everywhere, the Orvis Company brings us “Thanks to DAD.

Loon Outdoors x 1% For The Planet

Loon products are familiar around our house and probably yours too. From fly tying to fly fishing, we see the Loon logo on lots of stuff – fly floatant, fly finish, Top Ride, accessories, and lots more. We are proud to announce that Loon is now part of the 1% For The Planet group.

“1% for the Planet is recognized worldwide for its effective method of giving to nonprofits closely aligned with each of its partners and is a way for Loon to do more with our profits, said Brett Zundel, Loon co-owner. Read more about this amazing movement:

From Fishing Creek

After a month-long dry spell, we are back in the water! Our water levels are good and the fish are happy. It's definitely summer fishing with craneflies, sulfurs, slate drakes, and terrestrials in order. Nights are cool and days are pleasant. A few photos from this week:

As always, thanks for following the blog. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there. We hope you're all getting out to fish. It's a wonderful time of year to be on the trout stream! See you all next week.

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