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Lava Box, Tying the Meadow Hopper & Hopper Giveaway

Hi Everyone, we hope you're having a great week wherever you are. It's a quiet week here but a beautiful weather week, finally less humidity, the air is fresh from the rain, the stream is in great shape, and summer is on a count down to school starting again and the fast approaching Labor Day weekend. We are off to Montana in a few days for two weeks of hosted groups. We come back on the holiday weekend and according to the calendar, summer will be over. Where did it go!

Lava Box

We came across this neat little invention a couple years ago and forgot about it until just recently when it came onto the radar again. The Lava Box is an ingenious idea – quick, portable, clean, safe. With the threat of wildfires so prevalent today the Lava Box provides a safe way to enjoy a fire without the worry of a conventional fire. Turn the gas on and you have a fire, turn it off and it's off...cold...dead. No more struggling with wet firewood or waiting for the fire to burn down. Check out the interesting uses Tim Romano found with his family for the Lava Box.

Tying the Meadow Hopper

There is no doubt that we are in hopper season, both east and west, and this is an easy pattern to tie whether you've been tying hoppers for many seasons or just now starting. Steve from Smitty's Fly Box leads us step-by-step for through tying this easy, effective hopper.

And thinking about hoppers, don't forget about our Hopper Give-Away that we announced last week. Get your free Fat Alberts!

For the next month, when you order a dozen hoppers, either Segment or PD, we'll include 2 Fat Alberts free! You can include a note requesting colors on the FA's, or we'll pick for you. It's hopper season on both east and west rivers and you can't go wrong with these patterns for getting the fish's attention.

We'll include your free flies when we process the order, you won't see the offer when you place the order. Good through September 3! Order Today.

That's all for this week. We will not publish a blog next week since we'll be traveling, but should be back on schedule the following week.

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