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Hide & Seek, Ireland Recap, and 2023

Hide & Seek

An absolutely perfect title for Ross Purnell's feature piece in the current issue of Fly Fisherman Magazine ( Want to see fish better? Learn where to look, what to look for, and how fish behave in different environments. And then take a good look at sunglasses and lens tints. It's an interesting and informative article without being too technical. As they say, it's good honest information! (And check out Don Stazicker's article too. Fascinating.)

A Look at Ireland

It was a great trip to Ireland this year. There were 11 of us, 9 anglers, and 2 non anglers. We fished the Rivers Suir and Nire, both lovely rivers to wade and easy to navigate. Flies were nymphs and dry dropper combinations. We had rain and the rivers were both at a perfect level, although one day the water was off color, but fishing was still good.

Each morning we met our guides at Andrew Ryan's fly shop in Clonmel, one of the best fly

shops in Europe. Most days we met at the local pub where Andrew arranged for lunches of hot catered lunches everyday, starting with Irish Stew. It was amazing! Of course having a pint and a wee dram with lunch made some of our anglers happy too.

Our non anglers enjoyed their own private coach and tour guide everyday and visited vineyards, wineries, castles, villages, cathedrals, and local sights. It was a win/win for all of us. We'll be back next year at the same time and can't wait to return! Here are a few favorite shots from the trip.

2023 Hosted Trips

We are getting close to having 2023 planned. Here's how it's looking:

January 7-14 Pira Lodge, Argentina, golden dorado

February 4-11 & 11-18 Laguna Verde (Jurassic Lake), trout

March 5-11 San Huberto Hosteria, Argentina, trout

March 11-16 Estancia Pilolil, Argentina, trout

March 18-25 Estancia Tecka, Argentina, trout

June 23-30 Approx. Date. Ireland, Trout

July 21-29 Intricate Bay Lodge, Alaska, trout, char, grayling, salmon

August 19-26 Bighorn River Lodge, Ft. Smith, Montana, trout

August 26-Sept. 3 Bighorn River Lodge, Ft. Smith, Montana, trout

November 2-9 E. Pyrenees, Spain, trout

Nov. 25 – Dec. 11 Argentina Waters & Estancia Tecka, trout

More to Come!

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