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Guest Photos from the Bighorn & Eberhard Faber

Guest Photos from the Bighorn

We just completed two incredible weeks on the Bighorn River. Montana gave us beautiful weather, great guides and great fishing. Lots of bright, warm, sunny days, rising fish, and lots of big fish. Superb accommodations and fine dining at the Bighorn River Lodge. Here's a look at a few of the photos from our guests, there will be more for sure!

Who Knew?

Eberhard Faber is a name a lot of us remember from our #2 yellow pencils at school. What I didn't know is that Eberhard Faber IV, was practically a neighbor and a fly fisherman. I wondered why a friend would send us the obituary below and it turns out that he was a very fascinating man – businessman, philanthropist, sports lover (especially fly fishing), good wine, and so much more. But maybe most of all he was a kind, soft spoken man. We hope you enjoy reading about him as much as we did:

My Horse at Last Light

24 x 16 Watercolor Bright White, ½” Extra Border, Brown Rustic 2/Gold Town & Country Frame, Single Mat, Frames out 26 x 18, Acrylic Glass, Premium Clear. $120.00

Our featured photo this week. Photographers covet last light, the day is softly saying goodbye. Light makes the difference between an ordinary picture and an amazing one. It's also the end of summer in this photo, autumn is coming.

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