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Great Fly Buy & Sage R8

Edison Report

Everyone at Edison thought the fly fishing show was a great success. It wasn't quite the show that it used to be, but it's on the rebound and there were hundreds of exhibitors and an amazing variety of presentations. Actually, there were about 7 presentations taking place at any given moment of the show. We couldn't think of a fly fishing destination anywhere in the world that wasn't represented. Whether you were looking for excursions on the Susquehanna for bass or taimen in Mongolia, it was all there. New products, retailers, casting games, and an entire wall of fly tiers. We saw old friends, new friends, talked about fishing at home and abroad. It was a fun weekend.

Next on the show line-up is Atlanta, Georgia, this weekend. If you can get to the Gas South Convention Center, you're in for a treat. Check it out at and head on over! Then it's to Denver and Pleasanton, CA, but mark March 4 & 5, on the calendar. The show comes to Lancaster, PA!

Great Fly Buy

We mentioned a couple weeks ago that we are reviewing our flies and making some changes. Along with the nymphs already mentioned, is our weighted Ug nymph. We love the Ug and it works really well for us, but we want to switch to Pat's Rubber Legs with a tungsten bead head (we love tungsten). The remaining Ugs are marked down to $1.50 each, while supply lasts. Head on over to the store and take a look around. There are some great deals.

Sage R8 in the Florida Keys

Sage engineer, Peter Knox, takes us to the Florida Keys with the SALT R8. It's a 9 minute look at the Keys fishing, the guides, the weather. Great photography. We have new snow on the ground here in Pennsylvania and this makes us want to pack a bag and head south!

That's all for this week. Thanks for following along.

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