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Fly Water Calendar, A Local Need, & Snackle Boxes

Fly Water Near & Far 2023 Calendar

We are excited to offer our own calendar for 2023. 13 months of some of Barry's favorite photos from around the world and at home in Pennsylvania. Each with an envelope ready for gifting.

It will be available next week in our online store for only $14.99. We'll send out a special blog post as soon as it's ready for shipping. Stay Tuned!

A Local Need

Every year at this time I call on a few close friends and clients for help, so this year I've decided to include all of our subscribers. If you're feeling charitable and want to be assured that your donation is going where you intend it, there is a Christmas Friends program at our local Benton school that would really appreciate your help.

We have a very small school district, about 450-500 kids in K-through 12. There are families in the district that can not provide essential winter clothes for their kids – things like boots, coats, hats, mittens, etc. Every year the Christmas Friends program collects donations and shops for kids in need. Discreet lists (without names) are prepared with sizes and needs and local volunteers and the senior student council does the shopping. Last year the program provided for 150 kids. When there is extra, things like toys, games, and other personal gifts can be included.

If you can help, please go to the school's website,, for information on how you can donate. We won't know who responds or how much you donate, so we're sending out a huge Thank You for your help. Even $20 can help a kid stay warm this winter.

Snackle Box – Guides Listen Up!

Ever heard of a Snackle Box? What a fun and delicious idea for lots of events, but especially wonderful to have in the boat!

With video tips to help with preparation and packing. Take one on your next outdoor adventure.

As always, thanks for following along. We would love to hear your thoughts and requests – anything you'd like to read or hear about? Use the comments section to reach us. Have a great weekend!

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