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Fly Fishing Hall of Fame & Our Blog Survey

This was election week and we hope everyone got out and voted. It's been a very mild week here in northeastern Pennsylvania with unseasonably warm temperatures. A lot of anglers are taking advantage of what could be the last nice days of the season. Fishing has been good, as evidenced to the guiding shots at the end of the blog.

We have a very short survey in the blog this week that I am asking each of you to please take a few seconds to answer. As we move forward with the blog, it's important to know what you like and these questions will help us decide what changes to make. We won't know who the replies came from, we're not interested in that, only the answers. We do really appreciate your help and we thank you.

2023 Fly Fishing Hall of Fame Inductees

The Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum, (CFFCM), recently announced the 2023 Fly Fishing Hall of Fame Inductees. I, for one, am surprised that they are not already in there! This distinguished recognition goes to John Atherton, Arnold Gingrich, Will Godfrey, and Frank Mele, and Samuel Phillippe & son (inducted in 2022, to be honored in 2023). For more information on these fine gentlemen, please visit the museum web site.

We urge you to read about the CFFCM, the Hall of Fame, and the organization which is dedicated to preserving the heritage of fly fishing in the Catskills and education the next generation of anglers and conservationists. It's a wonderful group of dedicated people and they have a lot going on!

Only available on the Museum's web site is a beautiful short video, The Integrity of the Catch. It's a video and story about the Catskills and the sport we all love. Please take a minute to enjoy it, you might see a face or two that you recognize. Thanks to the Museum and Kindred Projects for bringing it to us.

Please Take Our Survey!!

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Think you've heard it all? Think again.

That's all for this week. Guiding is winding down but our fall clients are still catching nice fish before they put their rods away for the year. Again, thanks for taking the survey. We appreciate it!

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