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Fly Box Winner, Turneffe, & Salt Water Season

Fly Box Winner

Last week we ran a giveaway and to enter all you had to do was comment on our blog post about your all time favorite fly. Our winner is George Semel. Congrats George & thanks for participating! Please email us your address & we'll ship the fly box to you. Here's what George had to say about his favorite fly.

Well I just love this time of year, the temps have been on the warms side the last couple of days lows in the low 50's. The dry fly fishing been spotty but the Wooly Buggers and Thin mints have been producing fish for me all day. It's a go to for me this time of year. I expect that it will pick up even more in the coming weeks. Nice fly box. I am sure that you friend will like the idea that his box of flies will go to some one that will take and catch some fish with them.

Turneffe Flats

Barry and Cathy are at Turneffe Flats Lodge in Belize this week with a group. Here's the text & photos I received from her yesterday.

We have had lots of showers moving through this week at Turneffe, but between the showers we are getting great shots at permit and bonefish.... and a few tarpon. It's been mostly a permit week which makes us all happy!

Saltwater Season

It seems appropriate to jump off the trout track this week and think about saltwater. For most of us, saltwater season is right around the corner. It's nice to have someplace warm to think about as cold weather slowly approaches. You may remember that we ran a piece by Cameron K. Scott a couple weeks ago and by accident we came across Saltwater Season on the Sage website, also by Cameron. It goes back a couple years, but is timeless for anyone who has spent time in the salt. We hope you enjoy the read.

Thank you Cameron and Sage.

RIO's How To Series – Tarpon

We love RIO's How-To series. These are short clips (this one is less than 5 minutes), cuts to the chase, gives us some great tips and useful information and then it's over. So, in keeping with saltwater season, this RIO tip is How to Fish for Tarpon. It is filmed in Cuba but look at the clip – it looks like tarpon country everywhere. Large or small, shallow or deep water, it's all good.

We're still enjoying nice fall weather here in northeastern Pennsylvania, but the peak of fall foliage is now past and the warm, pleasant October days are flying by. We hope you're getting outside and on the water the take advantage of what's left. It won't be long until we're putting another log on the fire and the down comforter back on the bed! We'll see you next week.

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