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Argentina Rose Gardens, Patagonia Clothing, & Fishing Report

Argentina in the Rear View

It's spitting snow at home today as I write this and it makes me wish to be back in Argentina. It was early fall when we were there in March and the weather, for the most part, was sunny, warm, and pleasant. Some early fall snow on the Andes on a couple of mornings which was beautiful in the sunlight, but warm in the valley and very good fishing all the way through.

I'd like to share some photos from our time in Buenos Aires, where the people who live there love the outdoors. We visited the Palermo Rose Gardens, The gardens feature more than 18,000 roses and even late in the season it was beautiful. We went on a city tour, visited a market, cathedral, flea market, and enjoyed being city dwellers for a day before flying out to the fishing lodges. See photos here

Patagonia Clothing Company

Fly fly fishing industry recently gathered together in Salt Lake for the annual IFTD 2022 show. Patagonia Clothing Company was there in a non-transactional way to support nonprofit partners and the activist community. They were not selling product, but chose to use their platform to reiterate the core values of wild fish and clean water.

According to Angling Trade News, “Over the last five years Patagonia has granted more than $6 million to conservation groups committed to protecting wild fish and clean water, with $1.265 million granted in 2021 alone. These organizations work to reconnect rivers and fight the disease, pollution and escapement of net-pen salmon farming. They underwrite the repair and protection of our wild spaces. They fund science-led, pro-fish policy and assist the shops, guides and activists in protecting jobs, recreation and critical habitats.” And a lot more,

Sit back and enjoy It's All Home Water/A Northern Light, while Nathaniel Riverhorse Nakadate paddles through the northern Minnesota wilderness to give voice to a silent, pristine, place.

Thank you Patagonia and Nathaniel Riverhorse Nakadate for a beautiful peak at the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Is is all Home Water, isn't it?

Fishing Report

We're had incredible fishing this week with Little Blue Quills and Hendricksons. The LBQs are what everyone is talking about. It's the heaviest and the longest hatch anyone can remember seeing on Fishing Creek. Yesterday was a warm, wet, calm day and the hatch went for hours and now the Hendricksons are mixed in with the LBQs. I hope you're getting out to see it and that it's happening the same way on your home water!

2023 Beck Hosted Trips:

January 7-14 Pira Lodge, Argentina, golden dorado

February 4-11 Laguna Verde (Jurassic Lake), trout

March 5-11 San Huberto Hosteria, Argentina, trout

March 11-16 Estancia Pilolil, Argentina, trout

March 18-25 Estancia Tecka, Argentina, trout

July Intricate Bay Lodge, Alaska, trout, char, grayling, salmon

August 19-26 Bighorn River Lodge, Ft. Smith, Montana, trout

August 26-Sept. 3 Bighorn River Lodge, Ft. Smith, Montana, trout

November 2-9 E. Pyrenees, Spain, trout

More to Come!

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