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Alaska Recap, Bighorn is Beckoning, & Hopper Give-away

Welcome August

I continue to talk about the unusual summer we're having here in northeastern Pennsylvania. Normally at this time of year the stream is low, water is warming up, days are bright, and fish are shy. Last week our stream was high for a day or two and is now, once again, is at a perfect level. We're having a great terrestrial season with foam beetles, hoppers, craneflies, and a few sulphur and slate drake duns and spinners. It's wonderful and we are wishing that it could be like this every year! Fishing is good and our guides are ready to take you out. Come see us!

Alaska in the Rear View

Last week we were at the lovely Intricate Bay Lodge, located on Lake Iliamna, Alaska. We fished Katmai and surrounding areas for trout, grayling, and fresh chum & sockeye. IBL is strategically located to take advantage of some of the best rivers in the Bristol Bay drainage – rivers like the Copper, the Gibraltar, Moraine, Kvichak, Kamischak, Talarik, and many more.

When you see Intricate Bay lodge for the first time, you have to ask, “How did they build this way out here?” Onsite owner/manager/guide/pilot Brian Harry has built a beautiful lodge and staffed it with the best in guides, hostesses, an excellent chef (Marcus, we love you!) and support team. You'll stay in luxury, fish in paradise!

Bighorn is Beckoning!

Flows have dropped and tricos have been spotted! It looks like our timing is going to be perfect for the 'Horn. After months of releasing water, the flows are now down to 4,000 and expected to drop again. That means dry fly fishing should be excellent during the two weeks that we'll be there.

At this point, we have one room available in the first week for one or two people, and we have a woman angler in the second week who would like to find a woman to share a boat and possibly a room. If you can drop everything and come for a week, or even part of a week, we predict that the fishing will be awesome! We aim to hit it just right for PMDs, caddis, mahoganies, hoppers, and hopefully the much beloved tricos. It's looking real good.

August 19-26 and August 26-Sept. 3. Check out the details.

Hopper Give-Away

For the next month, when you order a dozen hoppers, either Segment or PD, we'll include 2 Fat Alberts free! You can include a note requesting colors on the FA's, or we'll pick for you. It's hopper season on both east and west rivers and you can't go wrong with these patterns for getting the fish's attention.

We'll include your free flies when we process the order, you won't see the offer when you place the order. Good through September 3! Order Today.

That's all we have for this week. We hope you're enjoying summer wherever you are! As always, thanks for following our blog.

2023-2024 Hosted Trips:

Aug. 19-26 Bighorn River, MT Trout

Aug. 26-Sept.3 Bighorn River, MT Trout

Oct. 22-29 Pyrenees, Spain Trout

Nov. 11-18 Turneffe Flats, Belize Permit, bones, tarpon, snook

Nov. 27-Dec. 2 Argentina Waters Trout

Dec. 2-9 Estancia Tecka, Arg. Trout


Jan. 7-14 Pira Lodge, Arg. G. dorado

Feb. 3-10 Laguna Verde, Arg. Trout

March 3-9 San Huberto, Arg. Trout

March 9-14 Estancia Pilolil, Arg. Trout

March 16-23 Estancia Tecka, Arg. Trout

June 15-22 Ireland Trout

July 8-Aug 2 E. Africa Safari

Aug. 24-31 Bighorn River, MT Trout

Aug. 31-Sept. 7 Bighorn River, MT Trout

Oct. 22-29 Pyrenees, Spain Trout

November TBA Turneffe Flats, Belize Permit, bones, tarpon, snook

Dec. 2-7 Argentina Waters Trout

Dec. 7-14 Estancia Tecka, Arg. Trout

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