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10 Reasons Why Fishing is the Perfect Valentine's Day Date

Don't forget Valentine's Day is Tuesday!

10 Reasons Why Fishing is the Perfect Valentine's Day Date

Let me just say that this is not my idea. While I love to fish and might agree with some of these points, only you know if it will work or not in your relationship. So I must caution you to proceed carefully...

From the Take Me Fishing folks:

1. Fishing is a relaxing and affordable way to spend time together as a couple. If you live in a state like Minnesota, for example, you can plan a cozy couple's ice fishing date in a heated shanty (don't forget the hot chocolate). If you live in a warmer climate, plan an experiential fishing scavenger hunt by making a list of species you both want to catch, packing a Valentine's Day picnic lunch, and then finding a place near you.

2. Adventures on the water create lasting bonds and memories. When you both experience the thrill of landing a new personal best fish, you are making Valentine's Day memories together that will last a lifetime.

3. Fishing can help ignite or re-ignite that romantic spark. In fact, the result of a survey conducted by the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation found that half of both men and women consider it important that their significant other shows interest in outdoor activities.

4. You get to spend your date in comfortable, casual outdoor attire instead of dress clothes. There's no stress or pressure about what you should wear. Besides, one-third of people in a relationship actually prefer non-traditional outdoor dates, like fishing or hiking.

5. You have the opportunity to take in a beautiful sunset on the water. A boating or fishing date is the ideal time to stash your cell phones in lieu of spending uninterrupted time together in nature. Focus on taking in all of the magnificent sights and sounds. Be present for each other.

6. It's a whole lot easier to start conversations when you have plenty of fishing topics to talk about and questions to ask. Plus, when the fish are biting, it gets exciting.

7. You get to learn new fishing and boating skills together, which can lead to higher levels of self-confidence and camaraderie. Coach each other through the process of rigging your baits or tying a Cleat Hitch.

8. When couples fish and boat together, it means more people protecting, conserving and restoring our natural resources through fishing license sales and boat registrations.

9. You both get to go home after your fishing date with new fish stories, possibly a frame-worthy photo or, at the very least, a slightly exaggerated tale of the one that got away.

10. If your catches are within the regulations, end your fishing date by preparing a romantic fish filet dinner by candlelight (don't forget the music to make the atmosphere complete).

Surely these reasons have you convinced that fishing is the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day. There's no better way to say, "I'm hooked on you" than sharing time on the water.

And with that, I'm out of here. Let me know how it works for you. Would love to hear from you (if you're still alive)! See you next week.

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