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Argentina Waters,

Le Fario Lodge

Nov 29- Dec 4, 2021

Le Fario Lodge sits on a gentle rise overlooking Lago Larga on the edge of Los Alerces National Park in the Chubut Province in Patagonia, Argentina. Los Alerces is one of four national parks in Argentina as world heritage sites and has just celebrated its 80th anniversary. It is here that the world's second longest living tree species on earth lives – the endangered Patagonia Cypress at 2,600 years old! In addition, the park is home to more than 12 rivers and lakes, with rainbows, brown, and brook trout.

Laguna Larga is mostly populated with brown trout. The average size is 22 plus inches with the occasional 28” fish. That combined with the beautiful view overlooking the lake is precisely why Gonzalo and Laura Martinez chose this location for Le Fario Lodge. We fished with Gonzalo for many years before they built Le Fario, and not only is he a great fishing guide and dear friend, but is also an accomplished chef, having worked in restaurants in Buenos Aires and Paris. His influence on the lodge cuisine is obvious. Laura, a chef as well, also has a degree in Corporate Affairs. With Gonzalo and Laura, guests find a talented, friendly, warm, fun-loving pair. A more perfectly suited couple for the fishing lodge business could not be found.

We will be at Le Fario for 3 days of fishing on our way to Tres Valles Lodge, in the Esquel area near Rico Pico. Dovetailing the two lodges makes a very nice trip which is easily adjusted to include more fishing by arriving earlier or staying longer at either lodge. This is a beautiful, remote part of Argentina, tucked up against the Andes and has become one of our favorite destinations.

Please refer to the itinerary for complete details, pricing, and further information. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. We hope you can join us on this very special trip.  2021 brochure will be available soon.

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