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Pira Lodge

January 7-14, 2024

Come with us for an exciting week of golden dorado at world famous Pira Lodge in the beautiful Ibera

marshland, a vast area of more than 3,500,000 acres in northeastern Argentina. Anglers fish from

comfortable Hell's Bay skiffs offering lots of comfort room and a large casting deck. As we fish for

dorado, we'll enjoy the sights and sounds of the Ibera marsh loaded with over 350 bird species,

capybara, otters, caiman, and marsh deer.

Golden dorado are a unique species. Takes can be as subtle as a spring creek brown and as violent as a

crazed trevally. Once hooked, dorado are acrobatic, taking to the air multiple times during a battle. In

the marsh and on the Corrientes River, guests will site fish, cast to likely ambush spots, and work deep

undercut banks; no two areas of the marsh are the same. The average fish ranges from four to eight

pounds with many caught weekly in the 10 to 20 pound category.

Pira Lodge has lots of old-world charm. Reminiscent of a Spanish villa, the lodge offers 5 high-ceiling

double rooms with private baths and air conditioning along an open corridor. The main lodge and

dining room face the swimming pool and lawn leading to the dock and boats. We fell in love with Pira

on our first trip in 2020, and always look forward to returning every year.

We don't have a 2024 brochure, but in the meantime please browse the 2023 itinerary, our photos and videos. Please contact us if you're interested in learning more. The spots for 8 lucky anglers will fill quickly.



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