Thoughtsonflies SPAIN

Our thoughts on flies

Well-tied flies have always caught our attention. Whenever we find ourselves in a fly shop, it is the fly cases that we hover over -- picking up flies, looking at the materials, figuring out the tying steps, imagining them in or on the water, wondering what the fish might think. For part of our lives we were commercial fly tiers. Barry spent a good part of his youth as a fly tier and fly buyer for Leonard Rod Company and later we tied commercially when we owned the fly shop. So, flies and fly tying have always been important to us. Today we continue to design and tie flies although not in the quantities that we used to tie. We have help from several sources for our fly inventory these days.

But what remains stronger than ever is the desire to sell the very best flies possible, flies that we use and fish ourselves and flies that we are proud to see in the boxes of our clients and friends. Each pattern is carefully examined by us to make sure it meets the bar that we set for quality and workmanship. These are patterns that we recommend for the destinations we represent with our hosted trips, but also for your local stream, river, estuary or flat.

What you'll find here are some of our own designs but also lots of other patterns that we've used and believe in. We hope you enjoy using these flies. If you're a fly tier and ever have questions about any of our patterns, please contact us. We're always happy to talk about flies.


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