Summer Ants, Brown Trout Kill on Yellowstone, and ICast 2017

Summer Ants

antsAs early summer moves into mid-summer, fishing terrestrials becomes a more important part of the game. Many of the mayfly hatches are over for the season and trout will turn to what is available and that is often a grasshopper, beetle, or ant. While we have had some very good fishing, at times, with craneflies, caterpillars, and other less popular terrestrials, it is often an ant that will please a finicky fish. The photo shows a number of ants that were found in the stomach of a trout.

While ants are often hard to locate on the water a winged ant is easier to see, and if that doesn't work, an ant is a good choice to fish as a dropper behind a larger dry fly that is easy to find and follow. Use your hoppers and large beetles in the pocket water and riffles, but when you find a sipping fish in a pool, consider an ant or a small beetle. It might just fill the bill.

Our black fur parachute ant and our winged cinnamon ant are good choices and the wing will aid in locating the fly. Also, Jim's Real Beetles in brown and black are excellent choices at this time of year too because the flies are smaller than most beetles and have a spot of orange yarn on the back to help in locating them on the water. Check out these and other terrestrials in our store.

Brown Trout Kill on Yellowstone

Biologist samplings on the Yellowstone River have recently turned up an unexpected brown trout fish kill along with expected whitefish kill. Read More.



Our friend and Fly Fishing Show founder, Chuck Furimsky, sent this photo from Gangler's Lodge (Canada) where he was recently.  Beautiful pike.  Good job Chuck!  


Farbank Runs Away with Awards

Sage, RIO, and Redington (all Farbank brands) ran away with Best of Show awards at the iCast/AFFTA show last week in Orlando. The annual IFTD (International Fly Tack-le Dealer) show recognizes manufacturers for outstanding new products. Sage won for the new Salt HD fly rod, RIO for new innovations in leaders and tippet, plus the Big Nasty fly line, and Redington for the Minnow. Sage also won Overall Best of Show. Quite a year, congratulations to everyone at Farbank who helped make this possible!

sage  sage10

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Reflections on Ireland, 2018 Trip Schedule & RIO's How to

Reflections on Ireland

0306 IRELAND 2017 We had a wonderful group of people join us on our recent Ireland trip. Our fishing started out in the Conmel area with Andrew Ryan and his guides from Clonanav Fly Fishing. We stayed at the Hotel Minella and fished Andrew's water for three days and caught lots of beautiful brown trout. On the fourth day we took the scenic coastal route to Galway and Ballynahinch Castle. The Owenmore River flows through the castle grounds and we fished for Atlantic salmon for three days. The salmon were not as cooperative as the trout, we saw lots of fish roll and show, but were only able to put two in the net. The castle accommodations were elegant, food and service over the top, and we all loved the estate grounds and the river. We will be back to try again. This is a great trip for the non angler as they have their own guide and itinerary. Please let us know if you're interested in joining us in 2018.

Click here to see a few of the photos from our trip


2018 Hosted Trip Schedule

Next year is coming together for us. We have a couple dates to confirm and some finishing touches to put on the itineraries for a couple of the destinations, but overall this is what 2018 is going to look like:

January 13-20   Estancia de los Rios, Chile (trout)
February 6-21   South Island, New Zealand (trout)
March 3-10   Estancia Tecka, Esquel area, Argentina (trout)
March 11-17   Hosteria San Huberto, San Martin area, Argentina (trout)
March 17-24   Limay River Lodge, San Martin area, Argentina (trout)
May 8-18   Grand Slam/Campeche, Mexico, (baby tarpon, etc.)
June (TBA)   Ireland (and hopefully Scotland), (trout/salmon)
August 3-12   Reel Action, Alaska (silvers, pink, chum, etc., trout)
August 18-25, 25-2   Kingfisher Lodge, Bighorn River, Montana (trout)
October (TBA)   Spain, E. Pyrenees (trout)
December 1-8   Tres Valles, Argentina, Esquel area (trout)

We hope you can join us! Please let us know if we can answer any questions or provide additional information on any of these destinations.

RIO's How To: Terrestrials from a Drift Boat

Welcome to Episode 9 of the RIO How To series. RIO ambassador, Rob Parkins, shows how to fish large terrestrials from a moving drift boat. His tips and information reveal how easy and effective this big flies are in the heat of summer. Enjoy.

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Happy 4th of July!


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Summer Solstice, Three Things I Wish I Knew, & RIO Giveaway

Summer Solstice, June 21

The longest day of the year is next Wednesday. Here that means a little longer fishing day and with it will be beautiful evening fishing with sulphurs, light cahills, and slate drakes. Mornings will bring a few left oblogjuen15ver spinners and maybe some blue wing olives. Don't forget your terrestrial box, it also means summer is here with ants, beetles, grasshoppers and others. It's a magical time of year on a trout stream and we hope you're able to get out and enjoy it.


Three Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Fly Fishing

We found this article in MidCurrent and thought you'd find it interesting.


Planning to throw some big flies this summer?

Here's a chance to win a RIO InTouch Big Nasty fly line. It sounds awesome!  rio


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The Start of Summer Fishing, Behind the RIO Brand & Checking Laptops

We're In Full Swing Now

After a long wet, cool spring, we are in full swing now with March Browns, BWO's, and sulphurs hatching. We even saw a Slate Drake this week, but he's a bit early. Guiding and fishing has been good and Fishing Creek is beautiful.

I had the opportunity to work with Kylie and Kelsie Freiman this week. Although I don't get many kids in my classes, these girls were the exception in more ways than one. They were interested in the turtles, minnows, and dragonflies around the pond and had a blast catching bluegills and strippers. Here they are with another client who came recently to fish.

385 KIDS 2017 39 CLIENT 2017

  Behind the Brand – Episode 3  riologo

We think you'll find this clip very interesting, we sure did. You might think it's a boring factory tour, but you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Cathy's favorite travel blog, The Travel Insider, has an interesting perspective on laptops on planes. Hope you enjoy: 

Laptops – Will They Need to be Checked or Not?
More confusion and ambiguity this week about what might be in store for us and our laptops when flying in the future.

The Europeans are saying that the Americans have agreed not to impose any bans. But the Americans are denying that, and are talking about maybe banning laptops not just on flight from Europe to the US, but on all flights, to and from, all international destinations. This article exposes the contradictory stories that are circulating.

If that were to happen, then it becomes almost certain and indeed necessary that a similar ban apply on domestic flights, too. If a person can smuggle a bomb onto an international flight inside a laptop, one has to believe they could do the same on a domestic flight, too.

There was also a timely incident this last week that showed the complexity of the issue. A JetBlue flight from JFK to SFO had to make an emergency landing in Grand Rapids after a laptop battery is said to have ‘exploded’ and burst into flames.

The laptop was with the passenger, in the passenger compartment of the plane, and flight attendants were able to safely extinguish the fire. But what would have happened if the explosion/fire had happened with the laptop inside the passenger’s suitcase, in the luggage compartment?

Until there is some way to safely contain laptops and their batteries in the cargo holds of planes, we risk changing from one sort of bomb (a terrorist device) to another sort of bomb (an exploding battery). Are we really any the better off in such a case? Not really, because we still might have the terrorist type bombs in the cargo hold, plus now the battery type bombs too.

Which Are More Dangerous – Batteries or Explosives

We all know that explosives are dangerous. We’ve seen the movies, with amazing explosions. On the other hand, generally we all perceive batteries as safe, and ‘the worst that can happen’ is a bit of a fire.

But that ‘bit of a fire’ should not be under estimated. Modern laptop batteries these days contain an astonishing amount of energy, which is why, if they ‘misbehave’, their fires are very hard to extinguish. Their ‘fire’ is actually a slow-motion explosion – lots of heat, but not any appreciable shock wave.

A half stick of dynamite (1.25″ in diameter and 4″ long) has about 500,000 Joules of energy within it. A 100 Watt hour laptop battery has about 360,000 Joules of energy within it. Batteries already contain almost as much energy as explosives, and as battery technologies improve, will continue to hold more and more energy.

None of us could walk on a plane with a half stick of dynamite. But my Dell laptop has a 97 Watt hour battery – and that’s about as powerful as 3/8 of a stick of dynamite. Maybe terrorists don’t need to smuggle explosives into laptops – they just need to know how to trigger ‘runaway thermal events’ in the batteries already in the laptops

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A Visit to Fishing Creek, NZ Reunion & Guiding

A Visit to Fishing Creek

Lou ZambelloLou Zambello, noted New England guide and author of Fly Fishing Northern New England's Seasons and Flyfishers Guide to New England, (https://www.amazon.com/Lou-Zambello/e/B00H15TBI4) fished on Fishing Creek last week with our guide, Brad Berlin. Both Lou and Brad told us that it was a pleasure being with the other, and it doesn't look like fishing was too bad either! Thanks, Lou, we look forward to your next visit.

New Zealand Reunion

After taking a couple years off from New Zealand, we are very excited about returning to the Everest of fly fishing, in February, 2018. If you'd like to experience the best of New Zealand's rivers and guides, come with us to Riverview Lodge and Owen River Lodge, on the South Island, in February, 2018. It is truly a trip you'll never forget. Join us and experience kiwi hospitality and some of the best trout rivers in the world.

Read the details  and watch a short video

From our Guides:

Jim forwarded his shot of Jane Marcello with a beautiful brown she caught here on Fishing Creek Yesterday. Congratulations, Jane!  Jane

2018 Trip Schedule

2018 is shaping up for us, here is what we have so far:

January 13-20: Chile, Estancia de los Rios (trout)
February 6-21: Riverview & Owen River Lodges, South Island, New Zealand (itinerary customizable)
March: Argentina: Estancia Tecka, March 3-10; Hosteria San Huberto, March 11-17; Limay River Lodge, March 17-24 (trout)
April/May (saltwater): destination & dates TBA
June: Ireland (salmon/trout), dates TBA
August 5-12: Reel Action, Alaska (salmon, trout, char, etc.)

October: Spain (trout), dates TBA
December: Tres Valles, Argentina (trout), dates TBA

Please let us know if any of these destinations catch your eye. We'll send information and hope that you can join us.

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Spring Fishing, Hopper/Dropper Rig, & Argentina Availability

Fishing Season in High Gear

brownWe're having beautiful spring weather after the absolutely miserable weather of a couple weeks ago. All of the high, cold water is behind us, Fishing Creek is in great shape, and March Browns are hatching. It is a beautiful time of year to be on the water and our guiding clients are having some great days. If you're thinking about coming to fish, now would be a good time!  

How to Fish a Hopper/Dropper Rig  riologo

The 7th episode of RIO's “How To” series shows us how to fish a hopper/dropper rig. This comes at a perfect time because it is exactly how we often fish a dun and emerger. With lots of mayflies and caddis hatching now, it's always a good idea to show the fish and dry fly with a wet dropper. We hope you enjoy the video and get some new ideas on how to set-up to effectively fish the riffles.

Two Rooms available at Tres Valles, Argentina

It's very unusual that we have openings at this destination. December in Argentina is early season, hatches are good, water is good, and Estancia Tres Valles is a very special place. Fish a combination of streams, spring creeks, medium size rivers, and high mountain lakes where you're likely not to see another person. Check out the details and consider joining us for a fun trip.


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News from Belize, Spring Streamers & The Next Generation

News from Belize River Lodge

belizeBarry & Cathy and the group are having a good week at Belize River Lodge. The group is getting shots at tarpon every day in the 30 to 60 pound range and several have been landed, lots jumped and lost. The big fish, over 60, have been harder to find but are around. Barry had one on for more than an hour when the backing broke. There are bonefish and snook around but the focus has been on the tarpon. Weather is good with lots of sunshine and only an occasional shower. And, no broken rods (so far)! Which is amazing for a week of tarpon fishing.

In photo:  Bud Bender with his 50 pound tarpon!

5 Ways to Up Your Spring Streamer Game

We found this on MidCurrent this week. Most everyone fishes streamers but this article gives us some new ideas on streamer fishing and some new techniques to try. Looks like we will have plenty of water for awhile here in the northeast, so some new tips might come in handy!


The Next Generation

With the best part of the fishing season just a head of us here in the northeast, it's a good time to get young anglers out on the water. Parker Vance, in the photo below, is the perfect example of a young man that anyone would want for a son, grandson, nephew, or boy next door. At 17, he works in his family's auto auction, is a good kid in school, and loves to fly fish. He came to us this spring, as a Christmas gift from his grandmother (has to be a cool gram!) to get better at fly fishing. We have enjoyed his company and will make sure we see him again. If you have a teenage son or daughter, or know of a young person who has a little interest, please take this opportunity to show them more about the sport that we all love.  vance

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Our New Chile Destination, A Guest Blog & Ivan on TV

New Destination for us in Chile

chileJanuary, 2018, will find us at Estancia de los Rios – located on the second largest ranch in Chile. Enjoy summer in January with us as we fish the Cisnes River or the sweet Magdalena spring creek on the ranch. Or perhaps we'll take a day and fish for beetle-eating browns on one of the estancia's lakes. Fish that you weigh in pounds and not inches. Remotely tucked up against the Andes, we're sure tchile 2o see more sheep and gauchos than we will other anglers or tourists. 

Enjoy the article by Hank Ingram and check out the trip details in the itinerary and then plan to join us for another great South American adventure.

Guest blog by Art Rorex

We are anxious to share our friend, Art's, recent literary endeavor with our readers. I think we have all found ourselves in his shoes at one time or another. He has a canny way of bringing it to life! Enjoy.  Art

“It’s Spring ... Where the ... Did I Put My ( )?”

It’s Spring again. Most of us are probably checking the weather and water levels at our favorite fishing spots. Not me! I’m trying to remember where I put everything after my last trip. Since I usually have trouble remembering what I did yesterday, you can see that getting ready for the new season is something of a challenge for me. I know I went fishing last fall but I’m a little fuzzy on where and when. This is important because I usually loose things in specific areas depending on where I’ve been. I know this sounds ridiculous but it’s the world I live in.
Fortunately, I eventually find everything (at least everything I remember). Now the fun begins. Starting with the rods and reels I’m gratified to find I didn’t forget to repair anything I’d broken. Unfortunately, I did forget to fix the reels which usually look like a disorganized bird’s nest. I straighten them out and put on new leaders. Sometimes I even put on a new fly line -- after five or six years of hard use my fly lines usually need to be replaced (they just don’t make things to last anymore). Next come the fly boxes. If the reels looked like a bird’s nest, my fly boxes usually look like the bottom of the nest. Fixing them is a little more enjoyable because I get to sit at the tying bench and tie some new flies. Once I find the tying kit. Finally, it’s time to reload the fishing vest (it’s here somewhere) so it’s off to the fly shop to buy some things I already have but can’t find. (If you’re paying attention, this will come as no surprise to you.)
Now that the equipment is ready, I need to find the waders, boots and net. This is the real adventure. I don’t know about your garage but there are things living in mine. Things with fangs and teeth. Fortunately, I locate everything without incident. I’m ready to go, knowing full well that my boots and waders are fine from last season. I think.
Well, it’s Opening Day and I’m in the truck and headed for the stream with my best friend. The weather’s perfect and the stream looks good. I don’t know if we’re going to catch anything but I’m positive we’re going to have a great day together on the water.
Ain’t life grand!

Ivan on TV?01335SPAIN 2015

Our guide and outfitter in Spain, Ivan Tarin, is currently featured on the World Fishing Network as he tools around Spain's best fly fishing destinations. Check it out if you have Dish or Comcast. He's a pretty funny guy and we're sure he'll be entertaining.   

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Ug Nymph & Salt Season

Barry's thoughts on the Ug Nymph

ugA few years back we were floating the Limay River in Patagonia and not having much luck. The water was a perfect level with good clarity and temperature, but for three hours we had not put a fish in the boat. Our guide, Nico, opened up his fly box and pulled out a fly he called the Ug. We knew the fly by another name although we had never fished it. One look at the fly and you realize how simple it is, a lot of rubber legs, a chenille body and weighted. Well, it saved our day then and it has many times since that day on the Limay. The Ug has produced some extraordinary fish here on Fishing Creek as well as other trout waters throughout the world.  0389 LIMAY RIVER 2017

It works best fished deep with a dead drift technique. It certainly looks like a giant stone fly nymph or, in a darker color, a helgramite. That said, it also works on Susquehanna small mouth. If you like fishing nymphs and looking for big fish, this is a must have fly pattern in your fly box.

Click here to visit our Online Fly Shop

Salt Season

While we're knee deep in trout season here at home, we can't help but daydream about our Belize trip coming up quickly in early May. Sage has recently released a new Saltwater Campaign and we're happy to bring you the first segment.1191 GRAND SLAM 2015

If you've chased permit across the flats, you will love to read Tom Bie's perspective on permit, bones, and snook. It's easy reading. Enjoy.


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