The Becks are in New Zealand

Riverview Lodge, New Zealand

Cathy sent us some photos from Riverview Lodge in New Zealand where they have been for almost a week. The weather is warm, bright and sunny almost continuously and the fishing has been some of the best ever. Lots of big fish (7 pounds and up) caught on big dry flies — cicadas and beetles, along with some nymphs. The biggest so far? 10 pounds, 2 of them! Fresh strawberries from the garden and sight fishing to big browns. Does it get any better?

nz collage

Great RIO Product!

Picture this - the South Island of New Zealand, what we call the Everest of trout fishing, we're on the Hope River with our friend and guide, John Gemmell. We've just finished landing our third trout from one pool. The largest was 10.5 pounds, followed by an acrobatic 9 pound fish, and finally a smaller 7.5 fish. All were landed on the new RIO 4X BECK IMAGE 0662Powerflex Plus tippet material. This stuff is absolutely amazing. John said in all of his years of guiding he's never seen
anything this thin or this strong. We agree. If staying connected to the trout of a lifetime matters to you, you owe it to yourself to try RIO Powerflex Plus


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Somerset Show Follow-Up


Somerset Show

The Somerset Show was a great success with record attendance. It was a good weekend for traveling and a lot of Sage rods were tested on the pool. We talked fishing, travel, and tackle. The presentations were all well attended and everyone had a great weekend. We'd like to say thanks to everyone who stopped by the Sage, Redington, RIO, and Frontiers booths. When you can't be on the water, the next best thing is being with a lot of other fly fishermen sharing stories, talking about new products, new destinations, and great memories yet to be made! 


Also, we came across this little story on MidCurrent and want to share it with you. Lefty needs no introduction, nor does Joe Brooks. We might add that Lefty was here on Fishing Creek last fall with his friend Mark Lamos enjoying the unusually warm weather. Enjoy.


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Women's Fly Fishing Weekend in Benton, PA

BIGHORN 2015 637

We still have a few spots available at our upcoming Women's Weekend.  This would make a perfect Mother's Day gift! See below for details.


If you are interested in getting started in fly fishing or are looking to improve your skills in a relaxed and friendly environment, then this is the workshop for you. Join Barry and Cathy Beck in Benton, PA for a weekend of fly fishing instruction, new friends, superior accommodations and farm-to-table meals. Plus, you'll have the chance to swap travel stories with fellow anglers from Frontiers.

The weekend workshop will cover fly fishing fundamentals including fly and gear selection, casting, insect identification and on-water strategy. You will then apply your newly acquired skills at Barry and Cathy's home waters, Fishing Creek. This lovely freestone stream offers some incredible fly fishing opportunities and boasts a healthy population of big fish. You will be surprised by the number, size and condition of the fish. Local guides will also be available to provide individualized instruction while you're on the water.

What to Expect:

* World class instruction from two of the best anglers in the world, Barry and Cathy Beck

* Stunning lodge setting with breathtaking views at The Lodge at Raven Creek for instruction

* Farm-to-table meals prepared by local restaurateurs, Toby Diltz and Sarah Walzer, from The Blind Pig

* Superior overnight accommodations, local craft brews and evening entertainment at The Inn at Turkey Hill

Read through the full itinerary here. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Visit us at The Fly Fishing Show this weekend

ffshow 1The biggest fly fishing show in the world is coming up this weekend in Somerset, NJ. We've been busy all week updating power point presentations for Barry. He's doing Dry Fly Strategies II on Friday and Tactics for Catching Big Trout on Saturday. Cathy's putting the finishing touches on her presentation at the Women's Showcase (not for women only) on understanding rod actions, fly reels, lines & leaders. Her fly lines are cleaned for the casting demonstrations at the pool and Barry's fly tying kit is packed. I think they are about ready to go.

This is the 24th year for the Somerset Show and it's been a huge success from the very first year. Hundreds of booths representing manufacturers, shops, destinations, publishers, and fly tyers lining the outer edges of the convention hall. The weather forecast sounds good for traveling so please stop by the Sage or Frontiers booth and say hi to Barry and Cathy. (They will be at the show on Friday & Saturday only, Sunday they leave for New Zealand).


The show is at the Garden State Exhibit Center and the hours are Friday 9 - 6, Saturday 8:30 - 6 and Sunday 9 - 4:30. Check the show web site for a complete list of presentations and directions to the show.

Hope to see you there!

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Chile & RIO Blogs

Coyhaique River Lodge

Barry & Cathy just got back from Chile and the photos are stunning (see below).  Here's what Cathy had to say about the trip...

   We had a very good trip to CRL last week. Beautiful warm summer weather, lots of great rivers, streams, spring creeks, and lakes which all fished very well, great guides, great lodge.This was our second trip to CRL and we are hoping and planning for many more.  

PicMonkey Collage







Thinking about Iceland?

We have a client who would like to share a room and guide for our June Iceland departure.  Please contact us if you are interested.

Also, Barry's blog Windows of Opportunity is featured on the RIO Blog today.  Click here to read his story of a recent trip to Erie to look for steelhead.  Also, if you scroll down a few blogs, you'll see Cathy's December Blog on Strike Indicators.  Both are worth reading!  Let us know your thoughts... 

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Mongolia Adventure & Taimen Fund

Mongolia Adventure

Tim Younkin1Looking for adventure? A new destination and species to add to your list? Wide open space? No crowds, planes, cell towers, highways, or noise, but yet a place with great guides, exciting fishing, and a warm comfortable lodge to return to each evening? We've got just the place. Mongolia + Taimen = Adventure! 7 nights/6 days in camp, $6,300 pp shared occupancy/guide. Sept. 23 - Oct. 5.

Check out the itinerary and then contact us or Frontiers. Remember, it's all about the experience!

Taimen Fund

While we're on the subject....

If you've visited the Eg/Ur Camp you know first hand what an incredible job the Taimen Conservation Alliance is doing in Mongolia to protect these amazing fish and to promote sustainable "catch and release" fishing practices and natural
reproduction. Please take a minute to read the newsletter, get a glimpse of the last strong hold for the oldest running strain of trout in the world. And then, we all thank you if you are moved to make a donation to the Taimen Fund. Thank you.



Also, I heard from Cathy this morning.  This is the view from the lodge.    The group is having good weather (a little wind) and very good fishing at Coyhaique River Lodge in Chile.  We'll have more on the trip next week...  chile2016


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Iceland trip 2016

Fishing in the Land of Fire & Ice

If you follow the travel magazines and travel sections in the big newspapers you know that Iceland has become "the place to be". It's easy to get to, safe, and the extreme scenery and Icelandic people are, well, over the top. Two days ago Iceland was featured on Good Morning America. If you saw the show, you know what I'm talking about. We too are in awe of the landscapes and the people, but it's the fishing that takes us back each year (thank goodness GMA didn't talk about the fishing). Double digit browns and Highland char are simply amazing in the land of fire and ice. With our June departure, we will be right on time for the best of the trout and char fishing. Check it out on our website and then come along with us— and don't forget your camera!



Also From Cathy:
Remember when Flip Pallot hosted Walker's Cay Chronicles and we all loved listening to him talk about fishing and life on the water? Well, if you haven't seen his video clip for Yeti coolers, you have to take a look. It's 100% Flip and is especially relevant to the "over the hill" gang - not that any of you (us) would qualify for membership in this elite group!


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Thank You & Happy New Year!

From Barry & Cathy:

toastAs 2015 comes to a close, we'd like to thank everyone who has traveled with us, taken casting lessons, our guiding clients (and the relationships you have built with our guides), our online customers, and everyone who follows us on our blog and Facebook. And a big thank you to Frontiers for giving us the most amazing job - hosting trips around the world, and to Farbank (Sage/RIO/Redington) and Smith Optics and Tibor Reels for giving us the opportunity to use and promote the very best in tackle and optics.

We'd also like to thank our editorial and commercial photography clients. You know who you are. Brooke, Nancy, and Eddie here in our office have a special relationship with each of you and consider you friends much more than clients. We thank you for using our photography in your magazines, calendars, retail projects, and web sites. Without you all we would not be here doing what we do today.

We wish you all a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!

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Merry Christmas!


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Guest Blog- Alex Blouin

We've had the pleasure of meeting our guest blogger, Alex Blouin. Alex and his cousin, Brian, came to fishing creek for a few days a couple summers ago and we thoroughly enjoyed their youthful outlook on life and fishing. In the near future, we'll hear about how Alex went from being a kid in New England to ending up at Sage/Redington in Seattle, but for today we want to share with you one of his fishing stories.


The fish of a lifetime-3I do have a bit of a story to share with you from this past weekend. A friend of mine and I took a trip out to the Olympic Peninsula this weekend to scout the rivers and practice our techniques for when the wild steelhead start showing up. I was casting a 7126-4 One rod with a Skagit Max Long head and iMow sink tip finished off with a small un-weighted streamer that I had tied back in New Hampshire for Landlocked Salmon. I really wasn't expecting to even hook a fish;
I was more focused on making a good cast and swinging the fly properly. Towards the end of the day on Sunday we had made our way to a lower section of the Bogachiel River and found a run the looked perfect for practicing the spey casts and swinging flies. We started at the top, myself in front, and Brett following behind. As the sun started to dip below the trees, I made my final few casts through the end of the run. Just as I was letting my fly settle below me, I felt my line go tight and I thought for sure I had snagged bottom. As I moved downstream to try and get un-snagged I noticed my line slowly starting creep upstream. I pulled hard on the rod and to my surprise I felt a head shake like I have never felt before. I don't think the fish realized it was hooked until Brett tried to go for the tail. As soon as he touched it, the fish took off downstream on a blistering run and peeled line off of my reel like I've never seen. She continued to do this a number of times until she finally submitted to Brett's hands. I could not believe my eyes when I saw what was attached to the end of my line. This was by a long shot the largest fish I have ever landed on a fly... and it was wild. My first thought was that I was completely ruined for steelhead fishing, but later a few co-workers told me that they believed it to be a large Chinook Salmon. I have never seen a more steelhead-like salmon or a more salmon-like steelhead... I got different answers from everyone and so I have sent a few photos to WDFW to see what they have to say. Regardless, this was certainly the fish of a lifetime and a memory that will stay with me forever. As you can also see the weather was just beautiful. The water was also very murky, with visibility at barely a few inches. This really was one of those occurrences that just shouldn't have happened.           -Alex

P.S. WDFW later confirmed that is is a beautiful wild hen Chinook Salmon.



Here's our 2016 Trip Schedule

Jan 7-18  Coyhaique River, Chile (trout)

Feb 2-16  South Island, New Zealand (trout)

Feb 28-Mar 10  Tres Valles, Argentina (trout)

Mar 8-24  Patagonia, Argentina  (trout)

April 4-14 Campeche & Grand Slam ,Mexico (tarpon, bones, permit)

June 13-21- Ion/Fish Partners, Iceland (trout)

July 8-18  Ireland (trout/castle tour)

Aug 5-12  Reel Action, Alaska  (silvers, rainbows, char & others)

Aug 20-27 Bighorn, Montana (trout)

Aug 27- Sept 3  Bighorn, Montana (trout)

Sept 23-Oct 5  Eg/Ur Rivers, Mongolia  (taimen)

Oct 13-20  Pyrennes, Spain (trout)

Nov 25-Dec 5  Tres Valles, Argentina (trout)

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