Report from Tres Valles

We are on our way home from Tres Valles, Argentina, and are bringing with us lots of good memories from our week there. We enjoyed unusually warm weather, good water conditions, and had insect activity on all of the spring creeks and rivers. Parachute Adams and Super Beetles were the top producers and it was fun catching browns and rainbows on dry flies. Lago Tres Valles, which usually fishes best in poor weather, even produced some beautiful fish. On our last night the lodge gave us an incredible asado with lots of good food, drink, and company. We will miss Tres Valles and are already looking forward to our next trip.


Also, don't forget about our Santa's Sack Special.  It's a great gift for your favorite angler!

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Tres Valles Opening & Bonefish and Tarpon Trust

One Spot Left

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We have a spot available for one angler in our November departure to Tres Valles, Argentina. This is spring time in the Andes, spring creeks and streams are in great shape, lots of dry fly fishing for browns and rainbows.2593TRES VALLES 2011 It's a great time to be in Patagonia. You will room and share a guide with a retired professor from Princeton and will enjoy 7 nights/6 days fishing. November 27 - December 7, 2015. Check out the details.    




Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

Where do bonefish spawn? If you fish in saltwater, you have probably wondered about this. The BTT group is doing amazing research on this subject and many others. Enjoy the eye-opening video clip on bonefish and please consider joining BTT, so they can continue to research and protect bonefish, tarpon, and permit fishing. Our fishing future depends on it!

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Report from the Field- From Cathy at Tres Valles Argentina

What a way to start the trip!!



Nico Fliess hooks and lands a record brown trout from the lake at Tres Valles. 

The monster brown measured 33" length, 16 pounds, and was perfect in every way.  The three of us were fishing this morning hoping for a nice fish to photograph when Nico landed this fish on RIO 3x tippet, his 590-4 Sage ONE rod and RIO Grand line, fishing a #12 caddis pupa.  His reaction was, "I am so happy", which was repeated many times, followed by

"I've never seen a brown trout this big", and added as an after thought, "I love my Sage ONE."   It was the best morning we've ever had on the lake with 12 fish landed, none under 6 pounds!  We love this place!


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From Cathy's Desk

It's very cold here in PA this week.  Unusually cold for this time of year. My office looks out into thewhitetail woods behind our house and I can see a nice 8-point buck chasing three doe around.  It's a sure sign of winter and soon he will drop his antlers and wait out spring.  The deer have it made here because we don't allow any hunting on our property so they have some protection from rifle season that will start soon.  They clean up the bird seed that Barry intentionally spills every day so they are here a lot.  

We'll soon be leaving for Tres Valles, Argentina, and have been getting stuff to take down for the guides.  Today we received a Nikon lens, yesterday binoculars, we have a camera coming.  Often it's fly tying supplies.  Last year it was a coat from Cabela's.  It's a good reminder of how lucky we are to live here where if an item doesn't come overnight, we're disappointed.  Sometimes they wait a year in Argentina!

We're going to start hearing from Brooke a little more here in the blog.  She's dialed into the submissions that Nancy is working on, the upcoming changes and events on the web site, and the general pulse of what we do here.  So starting next week, she'll have something to say.  I have no idea what she will start with, but I'm sure it will be interesting to read.  Feed her (us) your questions if there is something you'd like to read about.

Speaking of Ten-Was-The-Deal-Bookreading, I wanted to share a great book with you before the holidays.  We recently had the pleasure of John & Claudia Faris, who joined us on our trip to Spain.  We enjoyed their company and now have two new good friends.  At the end of the trip John gave us a copy of his book, Ten Was The Deal, and I started reading it that night.  It's a delightful book of short hunting and fishing stories told by John of his childhood with his dad and grandfather.  Set in pinewoods, along Piedmont streams, in Lowcountry fields or along the coast of the Carolinas.  It's a lovely gift idea that will be enjoyed by all.  You can find it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or if you'd like it personalized it can be ordered directly from John at 864-573-9311 or on his website.   I think you'll like it as much as we did. Paperback. 235 pages.Cathy

I've been asked lately to share a little more about what we do when we're not traveling.  So here's what's on our agenda as of recent:  Barry and I were in Towson, MD, last night at the Maryland TU meeting.  Barry does most of the presentations but they've asked me this time so I spoke about my freshwater bucket list.  It was a nice meeting and we were glad to be invited.  I also just finished a piece for Country Magazine and we put together a feature for Overland Journal on our trip to Mongolia.  There's always something on the to do list.  For now, I'm trying to teach myself iPhoto and struggling.  Anyway, we hope you have a good week and we'll stay in touch.  -Cathy



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Hey Everyone!

Barry & Cathy are off on another adventure, this time to beautiful Argentina! They'll be bringing back plenty of new images and stories from south of the equator, but for now here's a few images of Argentina trip's past to set the mood...

Happy Casting Everyone!

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