Tippet & Leaders 101

Tippet & Leaders 101

We often talk about tippets and leaders in our blogs. It is a constant learning curve partly because the products we use keep getting better, more diversified, and more refined. RIO leads the race in product development and education. Every time I watch a RIO video clip, I learn something. The link below makes available a selection of short clips, made by the guys at RIO, and covering a number of topics starting with Choosing the Right Tippet Material. Once there, check out the other clips uploaded earlier. The clips are interesting, educational, and well done.

Thank you Simon, Zack, and Jesse for helping us become better fishermen.



We also just wanted to take this opportunity to say Happy Thanksgiving to each one of you. 

We all have so much to be thankful for and we hope you each have a wonderful holiday spent with family and friends. 

Happy Thanksgiving

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Expiration date on leaders and tippet



A client asked this week about the relevancy of expiration dates on leaders and tippet spools.  We asked John Harder at RIO for his thoughts on this subject.  John is the Director of R&D, but his co-workers call him the Mono-Man.  He knows his stuff and has given us some valuable information.  Thank you John.

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